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May 16, 2006


Alex Sanchez

Wow, this isn't good for Wheeler. I'm a long-time Democrat, and to "miss" the most important partisn vote in Jefferson City this session, the Voter ID Bill, is inexcusable for a democratic legislator. The last 6 years under Bush have shown us that we need leaders in our party that will stand up and be counted, not slink out the back door when the going gets tough.


He didn't just miss the voter ID vote - he missed FIVE of the last TEN votes of session...

HB 1270: Requires 10 percent ethanol content in gas sold in Missouri

HB 1900: Removes limits on campaign contributions

HB 1026: Outlaws protests at funerals

SB 1014: Requires voters to present photo ID at polls, with certain exceptions for elderly and disabled persons

HB 1837: Gives the Department of Insurance the right to reject increases in medical malpractice insurance rates for doctors if they’re deemed excessive

He skipped them all... check out the Star on this - who is supporting this guy for County Executive? Has he delivered anything to Kansas City since he became a Senator.

If he can't show to vote, how can we expect him to lead Jacskon County? Serving as County Executive takes a lot more than showing for the occasional vote as Shields has shown us. If Jackson County, esp. the Star, elects him as Executive, as it did Senator, then we cannot complain that Jefferson City, DC or other communities ignore us - this guy is an embarrassment.

Maureen Galey

Dr. Wheeler was not present for some Senate votes because of a prior commitment to attend the Missouri Association of Social Welfare. Although the votes were on significant bills, the partisan makeup of the State Senate insured that the outcome of the votes were a foregon conclusion. Dr. Wheeler has missed no votes on bills where his vote would have been decisive on any significant issue.

Dr. Wheeler would be happy to have voters compare his work record in the Senate over the past four years to his opponent's record of trying cases in the same period.


correction on previous comment - foregone is misspelled.

Franklin Rothenberger

I saw the comments of M Galey below, who is running Wheeler's campaign for another office, and I have to ask, what does Mike Sanders have to do with the fact that Wheeler is an embarassment in the legislature? It's an old politico trick, and simply deflecting criticism and taking no responsibility for your actions does not endear you to the public. And, by the way, learn to spell Ms. Galey.

Steve Palmer

Despite Ms. Galey's attempt to defend Senator's Wheeler voting misses, I strongly suspect his age is catching up with him. He will be 80 this year, about 30 years past his prime. I'm 64 myself and still mentally sharp and physically active, but not even close to the man I was 20 years ago. Remember, Ronald Reagan was 79 when he left the Presidency; 83 when he announced to the country he had Alzheimer's. It was widely accepted Reagan had Alzheimers several years before he announced. We know everyone "dodges" the age question because its not policially correct, but Senator Wheeler is far too old to be an effective administrator.

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