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May 30, 2006


Kevin Peterson

This is actually healthy for conservatives. Most of the "moderates" only run as republicans because they see it as their best chance to win in a republican dominated state.

I hope this is only the first of a mass exodus of RINO's to the democratic party.

It's ironic that there are many democrats in Missouri that are more conservative than republicans in Kansas.

bobby andrews

its the start of the end of the republican party...
the party has lost its way in kansas and across the
country. the republicans let the right wing take over
their party and many many republicans like myself are
done with this regime of power hungry egotists.
thank god that republicans are waking up to find that
good government and good people are not restricted to
those who follow the party line.....


"This is actually healthy for conservatives."
"The insurgency is in its last throes."
"Intelligent design is a legitimate scientific theory."

If we could just hook up a wind turbine to take advantage of all the hot air and spin coming from the Right Wing these days, we could end reliance on foreign energy sources overnight.

david rawson we can maybe get some bipartisanship
in the state government and get something really done
for kansas...this is the greatest thing since
paul morrison joined the dems....its about time rational
peopole took over the state and made this state great again. I applaud this ticket and will vote for it in

doug mayes

DISCREDITED REPUBLICAN...I will personally make sure
he loses in november...there is no way that a rational
politician would committ political suicide by switching
parties at this important time. This is a cheap trick..
I cant understand why he did this...something must
be wrong with a former republican he can no
longer carry the banner.....I need to see my therapist


Hooray! After so many years of being hijacked by the antiquated, reclusive, mean spirited, closed minded republican party, finally the state of Kansas can get to some more inclusive politics. Closeted democrats can finally 'come out' and be counted for who and what they really are. Hopefully Mr. Parkinson will help Ms. Sebelius in making the state more progresive and less of a backwater butt of derision. There is a greater world outside of the borders of Kansas that Kansas needs to be an intrinsic part of. Kudos to the ticket - it will certainly have my vote.

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