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May 15, 2006


joe Miller

This is the best post yet on this blog, IMO.

T Thompson

How could Mr. Evans go to work for such a snake in the grass? Mike Sanders is all about promoting Mike Sanders, not about good county government. This guy hasn't even completed a full term as county prosecutor and has never tried a case in that role. Why does he think he's somehow qualified to be county executive? PAHLEASE! With 100's of millions of dollars going out for bid for the Truman Sports Complex reconstruction who do you think Sanders will take care of, you? Or the union leaders bankrolling his campaign? He is so much in bed with the unions it's ridiculous! Fox in the hen house scenario all over again.

And speaking of Truman, at the recent Truman Days festivities why was Sanders hanging around the door of Dr./Senator/Mayor Charles Wheeler's (his opponent in the August primary) suite, craning his neck to see inside? If it wasn't so pathetic it would have been comical. It reminds me of the kids that hang around outside the Chiefs locker room in hopes of seeing the stars up close. Maybe Mikey wanted to see how a real statesman interacts with his constituents. He could learn some valuable lessons from Wheeler regarding class, dignity, integrity and responsible stewardship of the public trust & finances.



Rose Kelly

Well Surprise, surprise, surprise! Another pro-Sanders article by DeAnn Smith. Yawn, Yawn this is getting old Deann! Oh let me guess....Sanders offered you the prosecutor job, too. Did you know you're about the 10th name on his list! Sanders doesn't even perform well as a prosecutor much less handling budgets and millions and millions of dollars. He would be calling Fred Arbanas about twenty times a day for help! As for this guy that resigned....WHO CARES??? This isn't even news worthy. Deann, get a real story and the public is starting to notice how pro-Mikey you are.

Alex Sanchez

Man alive, are the pro-Wheeler people getting worried about this Sanders guy or what? Lesson in politics 101, never let `em see you sweat, and I think I see some sweat!

David Relihan

Was that Wheeler add at the bottom of the page posted in the wrong place? What's that got to do with some guy moving jobs?

Franklin Rothenberger

Hey, quit taking cheap shots at Deann Smith. She's the best coverage in the Metro since I started taking the paper in `94 (and she's pretty hot too).

County employee that hates Sheilds

I've just gotta laugh at the childish/amateurish B.S. Phil Cardarella and Steve Glorioso come up with in these "anonymous" blogs. I don't know about you two boys, but I ran for Freshman class president in 1978. Maybe you two can pass notes back and forth in gym class!

Kelly Wilkinson

BTW, honest question about Wheeler -Didn't I see on the Star Blog Sunday that he had missed 5 out of 10 votes on crucial pieces of legislation this session? Was the Star just loose with its numbers again? I find flat out missing 5 out of 10 crucial votes just too hard to believe for anyone - but leave it to the Star to once again get the facts wrong!

Susan Sullivan

Regarding the events at Truman Days.....even funnier than Mike Sanders hanging around the hospitality suite of Senator Charles Wheeler was a scene that is forever etched in my mind. Dutch Newman was sitting just outside the elevator doors on the floor with all the hospitality suites. Mike Sanders was kneeling (yes I said kneeeling) before Dutch looking up attentively hanging on her every word. Out of the elevator steps Senator Wheeler and looked at this hilarious scenario and said, "Hello, Michael". Everyone laughed about this all night! It was the talk of the 15th floor. Sanders whines and complains about his schoolboy image......stupid misses like this
add to his image problem. Sanders is lucky someone didn't make that scene a Kodak moment.

John Hoffman

To Alex and his comments regarding the pro-Wheeler folks the good news is there is whole county full of them!


I thought unions were supposed to be for the little guy getting nailed by the system? Sanders will give his employee's 6-9 percent raises while the rest of the county employees suffer. You watch and see. Looks like the unions are a bunch of B.S.

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