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August 18, 2006


joe Miller

Great post!


She's a "former" state auditor. I bet Robin Carnahan wouldn't want you to imply Ms. McCaskill is the current state auditor.


Robin Carnahan is the Secretary of State. Try to keep up. And don't gloat until you get there.


I admit my error!!!! Sorry. Robin is sec of state. As soon as I hit preview I realized I was loopy. Sorry again!

Patricia Williams

Hope everybody saw Will's column that christens John Kerry's terrorism policy as the way to fight terror.

Will must really be convinced of same because he also lauded the Kerry's policy on last Sunday's "ABC This Week".

John Evans

A lot of republicans have seen this abuse of power and see the need for a check on the Administrations grasp for power and secrecy. The same group of managers hold some of the top Democrats. Out of fear or greed or both they have failed to speak out. We need more like Russ Fiengold who took his oath to uphold and defend our constitution serious. Still those damned machines!

George Will is on ABC's This Week not NBC's Meet the Press!

Rev. Do Right

She was pretty busy, because she also met with area Black ministers Sat. a.m. for breakfast. She still does not have a chance against Talent. He met with them Friday morning in a upper room at the Gem theater.


Will was with Sen. Danforth in Saint Louis before going to KC. I am sure he is listening to both sides.


Talent meeting with Black pastors, Claire hanging out in southwest Missouri. This is going to be interesting.

Curious about what they ate? Come on Buzz Blog tell me you aren't turning into a celebrity gossip blog!
Talent meeting with Black Pastors is pretty sad. I hope they don't sell out their community for some pre-election cash promises.

Claire is so friendly and Will so stiff -- she must have carried the conversation.

Claire was extremely busy while visiting KC! On Saturday, she also made an afternoon stop at the Dos Munods celebration on the Boulevard for some photo ops. Go Claire!

oops...spelling error. Dos Mundos.

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