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September 20, 2006



Congratulations on the new digs to the whole crew at Axiom Strategies...Jeff, Aaron, Sarah and Ryan have a great understanding of campaign strategies and working for candidates.

Campaign’s religious twist took Vicious turn

This summer I’ve been pondering the question: How Would Jesus Campaign?

Matt Bartle’s strategy in the Republican primary in the Missouri Senate’s 8th District got me wondering.

Bartle, of Lee’s Summit, is upfront about telling people that he’s an evangelical Christian. His religious beliefs regarding stem-cell research have made Missouri the arena for the clash between science and politics.

Known as a straight arrow in his personal and professional life, Bartle could sport a WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) bumper sticker with little irony. But when faced with a primary challenge from fellow Republican Bob Johnson, he hired a campaign consultant who is likened by some politicians to the devil himself.

That would be Jeff Roe, chief executive officer of Axiom Strategies.

Roe got his start as a staffer and campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Sam Graves, a Missouri Republican who is known as a ruthless campaigner. Two years ago, Roe orchestrated Republican Jeanne Patterson’s outrageously negative campaign against Democrat Emanuel Cleaver in Missouri’s 5th Congressional District. Cleaver prevailed, but the race was closer than it should have been.

Roe specializes in distortions. He likes ads that distort the faces of his clients’ opponents. But mostly, he distorts voting records.

Bartle’s campaign mailings made rich use of half-truths, exaggerations and out-of-context accusations.

From my reading of the New Testament, Jesus frowned upon distortions. I think he would have steered clear of Roe. But then, he really didn’t need a consultant to get his message across.


So you're congratuling Jeff Roe for knowing how to win elections? Nice..


You're calling Congressman Graves a ruthless campaigner? Give me an example of how Sam has EVER been ruthless himself. I'll agree that some of Roe's strategies are different than we're used to seeing in this part of the country, but to say Sam has gone too far is out of order.
Do you realize this is one of just a handful of congressional districts in the nation where the tide can turn for either party? Typically, it's one of the 10 top races watched in the nation for anyone who has insight into the world of politics. You work hard for races like this one and don't have control over what the national parties might bring into the campaign.
The fact that Graves carried sucha hefty percent of the vote in 2004 in a strong sign that he's doing things right and people embrace his ideals and morals.
You owe Sam Graves an apology for your remarks...I've known Sam for years, and I would never call him ruthless. Shame on you.

Tommy, talk to the to the author of that piece.


Did you see the mud slinging by Bob Johnson on Matt Bartle? I don't support either but get your facts straight.


Babs Shelly "wrote" that piece. Actually my guess is Steve Glorioso wrote it and handed it to her.

Bartle beat Bob Johnson by being conservative in a Republican primary. As far as I know Roe has never been admonished by the Ethics Commission. All is fair in love and war...and politics.

My advice to you is the same as what I once heard a football coach say when the other coach thought he had run up the score on his team. If you don't like it, get a better team.


Wow, great post FarRight.


Read Roe's website, follow his campaigns. He is dirty in the worst way. To campaign as a Christian Conservative with him as your "mastermind" is why non Christians call out the hypocrisy they see from many in the religious right.

John Evans

The Whole damn Blunt family is corrupt. I would guess that the others are guilty by association. While Todd Graves was U.s. District Attourney Blunt gave his wife a lucrative fee office. This has conflict of interest all over it. We need to do away with the Republican party. They are so corrupt they are a scourge on our country.
Roy Blunt is close(4th) to top of list.


He gave Todd Graves wife TWO fee office's. Wonder if the FBI has interviewed either of them yet.

The FBI is too busy with Katheryne the toad and the hillbilly mayor in Buckner.


The Shields investigation ended the same day that Todd resigned his office, probably the same day the local FBI field office notified him that his wife was under investigation over the license-fee office. Now Todd, and Bartle, and Blunt (Amy) are in the same law firm. Go figure.
As for poor Buckner, they elected a cocktail waitress as mayor, straight out of My Names Earl. I think they voted 63% Bush last time around. Says it all.

Jefferson City William

Can someone answer this question? Is Mike Sanders a Democrat or Republican?

September 19, Republican consulting strategist Jeff Roe has an open house for his new consulting firm. Roe is the go to guy for the Republicans and is effective at what he does. So who shows up to celebrate this Republican consulting firm? Governor Mat Blunt and other Blunt family members, the Graves family representatives, Jim Talent's people, all the other A-list Republicans........ and DEMOCRAT Mike Sanders? I was there. I saw him. Surely all the yellow dog democrats in Jackson County would be surprised to know that Sanders talks to Republicans let alone socializes with them.

Word is that the soon-to-be Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders has hired Jeff Roe to work on his campaign and that Mike is "rubbing elbows with Republicans to help his future because he might switch parties and run for Attorney General as a Republican." Simple question: What is Sanders' doing there and where is his loyalty to the Democratic Party?

Now, now Mikey, you can either try to be a leader in the Democratic Party or you can be a closet Republican. You can't be both. Pick a party and stay with it. We Republicans would like to have you, but don't insult either party by trying to play both sides.

John Evans

If we don't do something about these machines it is futile.
The Big Gamble on Electronic Voting


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