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October 27, 2006



this can't bode well for Double-L's campaign.

Does he even remotely have a chance against Morrison?

Kansas politics is rather odd, isn't it?

The rats are jumping from the sinking ship. Does Phill Kline have the endorsement of ANY mainstream Republicans?


Don't know about mainstream republicans but he does have the endorsement of over 90% of the sheriffs in Kansas including the majority of the democrats but what do they know about law enforcement.


Oh, forgot the right wing Chamber of Commerce and the State Troopers Association of the Fraternal Order of Police.

nancy jensen

the everyday people of kansas is safe from children-elderly I am one please do not listen to Morrisons Lies He does not care about you the victim, being scared into voting for him is wrong.


Former Republican Attorney General Stovall backs Morisson in race:

"Steckline’s announcement came three days after former Atty. Gen. Bob Stephan, also a Republican, said he left his job as a special assistant to Kline because he was disturbed by Kline’s use of churches in raising campaign cash. Stephan stopped short of endorsing Morrison but made it clear he would not support Kline."


Where was Steckline and Stovall when Dennis Moore made the round of local churches? During the 2004 campaign, we saw virtually every Sunday pictures of Kerry stirring things up in an urban church.

If Phill did something wrong he should be charged.

This is nothing more than those beholden to the abortion lobby following their lead and everyine knows it.

Hey Shrugging -- Here's one difference. Neither Moore nor Kerry every took up a "love collection" for their wife during the service.

Its murphys law time for Phil Kline. What else could go wrong.


What do you mean by "love collection"?


@shrugging: "he does have the endorsement of over 90% of the sheriffs"

That 90% of the sheriffs support that sleaze bag says more about the sheriffs than it does about Phill Kline.


@nancy: Scared into voting for Morrison? Quite the opposite! I'd be scared to vote for Kline. Those who would vote for him and condone his underhanded and sleazy politics project a poor image of their own personal values and beliefs.

Kline's not a Christian. WWJD? Would he lie and defame as Kline has?


Dennis, what exactly does it say about them other they who are responsible for enforcing the law agree the Kline is a superior choice. What doe it say particularly about the Dems?

Maybe those that actually work with and depend on the AG have a different viewpoint of his effectiveness than the press and its followers.


Dennis, what lie? Read the interview in the Topeka CJ today with the orginal Morrison accuser.

It is Morrison that lies when he continues to allow the false claim that personal indentities were released when the records from abortion clinics were released to the court at the AG's request.

I thought it was the responsibility of the AG to enforse the law which does include penalties for child rapists and doctors that perform late term abortions in conflict with Kansas law.


Mudslinging and one-upsmanship aside, do any of you think Kline even remotely has a chance against Morrison anymore?


@shrugging: Kansas consumers also depend on the AG, and there are a lot more of us. Why, then, has the AG office under Kline collected fewer fines from nefarious businesses than his predecessors? It's not as if consumer fraud has declined.

Who has he been serving if not his constituency? Oh, I forgot, the religious right. During Sunday service.


Wichita and outstate could make a difference. The press has never been favorable to Kline yet he has been elected.


@shrugging: Give me a break. Kline's actions are illogical, if not immoral. If he wants to root out child rape, why doesn't he request the records of pregnant teenage girls from all pediatricians in the state? That would be a far more target-rich environment. But he doesn't have the cajones to do that, does he?

If he's got evidence to support a child rape charge, then by all means request medical records for the minor. But trolling through medical records is an outrageous practice. And requesting only the records from abortion clinics, so that you can appease your right-wing religious zealots is despicable.

Dennis, excellent point! Kudos to you.


The Star is amazing. By making a deal out of some legislator named Phi"l" Kline, they crack me up. And as for you bandwagon anti-abortionists, I have a disabled child and I am so thankful his mother and I didn't see an ultrasound prior to his birth. Because we might have aborted what has turned out to be an awesome human being. And if Kline was such an evil person how come we haven't read about any lawsuits? The Star would jump all over that.


I was so worked up that I said it wrong. I meant you bandwagon "pro" abortionists.

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