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October 17, 2006


Brent Husher

KCUR (89.3) will broadcast it live on Wednesday if you don't mind listening to it on the radio or through live audio streaming at its website:


Of course!
Priorities, Dave.

Brent Husher

Oops. Either, I looked at it wrong, or the site was updated in the last half hour!

This is without a doubt the dumbest thing I've heard of in weeks.

Brent Husher

Okay, they did just update the kcur site, because I have my original firefox tab open displaying Wednesday!

I think we should call and email these stations. This is ridiculous!
Main Phone Number: (816) 221-9999 (kmbc)

816-235-1551 (kcur)


This is great! We are all at the mercy of the liberal rags to give us the "straight" scoop. They get to spin the pro-Claire garbage without any recoil for a day.

"Lost" is getting very exciting, but I would rather watch Claire have her melt-down. Then it would be easier to deal with the Kool-aid drinkers when they try to tell me what an outstanding performance Claire put on.

Way late on seeing this, but for those questioning whether those Talent sign vandals were Democrat volunteers...

The video I speak of is here:

The relevant posts and comments are here:

The KC connection (the Ishmaels) to this string of vandalisms is here:

geez! get over yourself you crybaby whiner!!! Just visit any of your pals limberger, hannity's hatriots, or savage movement for your latest script.


It's "that silly savage". Preferably said with a pronounced lisp.

KMBC Email:

By way of background, we will be the only Kansas City television
station to organize, and air a debate in the Missouri Senate race. Shortly
after the primary, we proposed a Kansas City debate to both campaigns.
Our original proposal suggested two other dates, both closer to the date of
the election. This Wednesday is the only date that both campaigns
were able to schedule.

Due to a conflict with ABC programming, we decided to tape on
Wednesday, and air the debate unedited and in its entirety, one night
later, on Thursday at 7:00pm.

I am puzzled that you would question our journalistic and civic
responsibilities, since we are the only local station that made
the effort to organize and air this debate. Not only is KMBC bearing all
the costs associtiated with the debate, but we are airing the debate
commercial free. We are providing the feed at no cost to the local public
television and radio stations, who are our partners in this venture.

We are also feeding it on sattelite, and offering this feed at no cost to stations
outside Kansas City that might want to broadcast the debate in its
enterity or use excerpts in their newscasts. We have also agreed to allow CSPAN
to pick up the debate and air it nationally, also at no charge.

We think this is a significant public service. I regret that
you disagree.

Wayne Godsey
President and General Manager
Kansas City


Dear Wayne Godsey and KMBC -TV:

So what !! The expenses of airing the debate is a small price of your civic responsibility for having a broadcasting license fromwhich you make Millions of $$$...

With your attitude you should not have sponsored it... By the way, how much $$$ have you made from airing their campaign ads ? I am glad that
ESPN and Fox will be broadcasting football and the NL Playoffs during your airing of the debate..


P.S. KMBC tells me that they are NOT prohibiting the other stations from running the debate live.

Here's the quote:
"We did not forbid them from showing it.
When working with the campaigns, this was the only date they agreed on for Kansas City. It was not one we proposed because of scheduling conflicts.
So that is what we had to live with."

So who's telling the truth?

brent husher

I spoke to someone at KCUR today and was told that the could not air it live because of aggreements with KMBC. It seems KMBC is prohibiting other stations from running it.

Brent Husher

According to KMBC's website ( ), it will provide a live coverage of tonight's debate on its website.


What if you are poor and can't afford the internet?

I guess you don't get information...

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