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November 17, 2006



Here is the link to the article. All but the headline of my post was a direct quote from the article and the author so unless both are lying I don't get your point.

Further, I doubt I will read it since it only reinforces what I already suspected.

You will never take conservatives seriously until they agree with you on everything so what's the point.


Who this Mark Funkhauser ees please someones to tell me. His name familiar to me little bit. In Kazakhstan I have funkhouse out middle of fields for making go bathroom. He my opponent for Premeir City Kansas?

Please someones this blog contact me for interviews me. I have many plans light rail system, Make use natural renewable biofuels...called goat feed. Put many goats to pull cars down tracks no one get electrocuted. Get goat dookie on shoes little bit but good for environment yes?

Please make name Borat write in name when next election Premeir City Kansas come. Jawee!


Good grief, Dave. You're asking about a Big 10 game when KU-KSU is this weekend? Granted it's 1 vs. 2 but, c'mon, Jayhawks vs. Wildcats is a bigger game around here. How come I don't see DeArmond, King or Kerkhoff making posts on here?

Political Moderate

Anybody notice, or care, that West Virginia thumped Pitt last night? 45-21.
I betcha you were watching Survivor instead...


michigan? ohio state? who cares? it's just a game between teams of overhyped non-students. it has no relevance to anything of importance. it exists solely to feed the huge egos of those with empty lives, no class, and no worth.

1:57 p.m., when Mr. Helling suggests college football as a topic in his initial post, I think college football becomes fair game for this thread.

Also, John Fairfield for Mayor!


college football, like its big brother pro football, is an opiate for the lesser educated unwashed masses of our society. those poor souls with no life, insipid insecurity, and the need to find self-worth in their "allegiance" to a silly sports team. you know, the redneck morons who think nascar and poker are sports. the ones that go to nascar because they don't "get" rasslin'. stupid games, played by stupid men all in the name of arrogance, greed, money, and any of several other mindless, childish antics.


Y'know, cmarshall, the first day or two I read your posts, I assumed you had just gotten up on the wrong side of the bed; that someone had pooped in your Post Toasties.

But it's more than that, isn't it? Your cynicism and arrogance is pathological.

It's bad enough having to endure your boorish posts from time to time; I truly pity the ones who have to spend any measurable time around you.


You would think someone with such a strong sense of personal superiority and high intellect would know how to compose a proper sentence. Cmarshall, your inferior grammar, sentence fragments and juvenile punctuation belie your incredibly high opinion of yourself. My ten year old can do better!

Here's to Larry Johnson having a huge game this weekend so I can win again in my fantasy football league. If Steve Smith does well, my wife may win her game as well. Too bad 'Little E' couldn't win the Nextel Cup this season. Oh well.


well, well, dennis the menace and procto protractor have clean diapers on today and their motormouths ratcheted up to warp speed. who cares what you two think? apparently you like nascar, and now we know why. "hey boys, let's all turn left!!" what would you know about pathology? as for your posts, we can be assured that if you can't attend a silly chiefs game, and take pride in your ability to wiz(ards) in the sink of the third-level men's room, that you'll be splayed out on your couch all day today watching thugs run pass patterns while your wives fetch you beer after beer and pork rinds, in between ironing her trendy, fashion-forward nascar logoed apparel. did both of you vote for the soccer fields, too? thanks for reading kids, it's nice to have fans in the trailer court. btw, double-wide or single?


Hell, CM, a response is hardly necessary, since your post did nothing but reinforce both protractor's and my (rather low) opinion of you!

However, I forgot one character trait above. I'm guessing you were the school yard bully, as well. I'm right, aren't I, CM? You sound like the type of thug who enjoys beating kids up for their candy and lunch money, or flicking your cigarette butts into little kids' hair.

On the other hand, you also sound like a bitter ex-jock who didn't make it into the big leagues. I'm not sure which one fits you better. This much is for sure: You didn't spend much time in English class, because your writing shows little evidence of coherent thought. Or even second grade punctuation, for that matter. Heck, you don't even exhibit the fundamental social skills most of us learn in kindergarten. You didn't skip that, too, did you CM?

Oh, God. I just had an ugly thought. You're not a cop, are you? If so I bet your buddies down at the station call you Marshall "Excessive Force" Davis.


oh my dennis...10:44am and your diaper is already dirty. call your mommy right away. your wife is busy ironing, remember?

as for your "thoughts" you are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. nice guesses, tho. the sort one would expect from front-porch banjo players.

please keep god out of it willya. god doesn't exist, jesus was a fraud (he nailed mary didn't he...says so in "the davinci code?") and the bible is a 2000-year-old collection of fairy tales and barroom blather.

really now, no one cares what your opinion is on anything.


Wow...that was easier than I thought. Cmarshall I'll tweak you again later on another post. Thanks for the laughs! You are a funny, funny man(?), man! Mwahaha!!


Come on guys!

Cmarshall is a college professor...a member in good standing of the liberal elite.

Anyway, Ed and John have grown boring, so Cmarshall now adds much needed comic relief


We should have a beer sometime, CM. Sounds like we'd have a lot to talk about!

Actually, we may have a lot more in common than it looks...


it's easy being funny protractor, when you are playing to morons like motormouth dennis. btw...protractor?...are you an architect? since dennis is so good at character assassination from afar, maybe he could accuse you of designing the oh-so-stupid roof over arrowhead to keep our precious pantywaist chiefs from mussing their hair, and larry johnson's diaper, while they play their brand of uninspired football. actually, i don't care a whit as it was voted down anyway. here's to ya, lamar you greedy old man.


"character assassination from afar," CM? Pot. Kettle. Black. I'm thinking back to your drivel about Johnson County soccer moms. Compared to that mass character assassination, I'm not worthy.

You've let your happy pill prescription expire again, haven't you, CM?


right on dennisboy. you are definitely not worthy.


unless, of course, your wife is one of those bottle-blonde, insipid, too tan, too thin, too dumb, too full of silicone, trophy-wife, bubbleheaded soccer moms.


Cloning is an option in Missouri: It's official. In a 21-16 vote, Iowa State University supported stem cell research by cloning the Tigers.

Protractor're not going to believe this, but you would be rather surprised at how on target you are about me. I have won national awards...for...believe it or not...stadium and arena design. Nothing in the KC area or remotely planned for the area but if I share more I may divulge my secret identity. I am not kidding. When I read what you wrote it about bowled me over to be honest.

Too funny...the stuff about living in a modular home and liking beer and pork grinds was not on target at all though, not that's there's anything wrong with that! On the other hand, my wife LOOKS like a trophy wife. Mwahaha...



those national awards could surely fit where the sun don't shine, couldn't they protractor...if you could get your TW's head out of they way.


Bill Klinton And Monica L. Never do it again!!! > [url=] that's it !!!! ![/URL] <


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