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January 29, 2007


Right. Let's destroy the environment because we'll get some crappy jobs out of it. I recently read an article about how unions are figuring out that there are many more (and better) jobs to be had re-tooling our economy for low-carbon energy production. Kansas still evolving?

No matter how cleanly they burn it, it's still dirty, and it still has to be taken out of the ground.

the gov just disqualified herself from consideration for the VEEP spot.


To use the guns of government to block a coal burning electric generating plant because someday we might be able to make wind power pay is pretty short sighted. It will result in many people freezing in the dark someday.

Let the market decide which power source works best. Coal is the best we can do as long as nuclear is blocked by those guns.

Lets see, last year wind power was cheaper than natural gas and oil...hmmm...Yeah, I bet it's so impractical that we'll never find a good use for it.

Michael, you're ignoring the fact that coal emissions create an obvious negative externality with tremendous costs to society. Government exists to correct for the markets inability to adequately address the externality. My comment - let teh market do its part until we can recognize the failure, then lets let government step in to correct for the failure.

Last time I checked, Kansas had an abundance of wind...really, there's not much else out west except for some crops and cattle farms. Sebelius would only be doing the KS economy a favor by pushing for the next big energy source in the midwest. If KS were to become an industry base in the US, GSP would soar. Where's the loss?


Why not both? (coal and wind)


Why not go wind? KS has plenty of it, and it pollutes a hell of a lot less than coal -- unless you're downwind of a coal-fired power plant, that is!

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