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January 08, 2007



I gotta say it, I know there are plenty of warts on the guy, but Cleaver the congressman just continues to impress me. He'll never be a senator, he'll never be president. But so far, I feel really well served by having him as my congressman.


I am not a Cleaver supporter by any stretch of the imagination, but my hat is off to him for this realistic and important gesture.

Locy Mason



My hats off as well to the Mayor in D.C. It takes a few to start things off.

I thought I smelled fried chicken driving on Main today.

Gentle Ben

It's true that when Mr. Cleaver is involved things tend to stink, but I never thought it would wind up being this literal.

Kudos to the guy -- I've been impressed with his representation so far.


Like everyone else, my hat's off to Cleaver.Not one of the most liked person in KC but I like that he is concerned with saving us taxpayers money. Maybe he will decide to preach in D.C. versus flying home each weekend so he can preach at his church, I am sure that will save some more money.


This is nothing more than slight of hand. Everyone looks to his use of alternative fuels so you do not pay attention to the hack politics that he uses to get his way. All you have to do is look to the arm twisting and threats that he is using to get Albert Brooks elected mayor.

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