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January 29, 2007



Small business candidate my arse. Gamble's conflict of interest matter was a HUGE Tif deal at 45th & Main and is hardly resolved. It's clear that Gamble wants to be a councilman for Gamble, not for Kansas City.


Why is his website pink & blue? It looks more like a birth announcement that the website of a candidate for public office

I love the fact that the "supporters" page is blank. Overwhelming support so far!

Doug Gamble

I posted this on an earlier entry, but I wanted to repeat my comments to answer any questions about any "conflict of interest" and my exact views on TIF.

I left the corporate world 3 years ago to purchase the BW Seville Plaza at 43rd and Main. My wife worked the desk while other family members helped with the renovation. We turned it around and have been fortunate with its success. In 2005, my group partnered with a larger group to buy the hotel at 45th and main. I own 5% but have been contracted to manage it. The majority partners did get city approval for a redevelopement of that site to include an office tower. When I decided to run, I placed my 5% in a blind trust and I will not be an owner if and when this project takes place. Finally, my family purchased a third motel in Omaha. My company currently has 130 emplyees of all which get Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance and are paid a living wage, something that is very rare in the hospitality industry.

For each of the 2 motels I purchased, I could have received TIF funds for the renovations, but I chose not to take them.

I have been published by the star and biz journal blasting specific TIF projects. You can read one such article here:

I have been very clear on my opinion of TIF. I believe that if we decide to take public money away from public schools and other important uses of city dollars, we need to have strict approval standards in place. We need City Council members who understand the process and know how to say no to the bad projects.

I am running fot the City Council because the City has been bad at saying no to TIF projects, and as a result, the City is in a dangerous financial position. If we don't increase our revenues we won't be able to afford to do very much about crime and schools and infrastructure. And to me, raising revenues doesn't mean raising taxes. It means cutting the red tape to make it easier for small businesses to function and contribute to our economy and it means attracting more people and conventions to Kansas City by playing up our strengths.

Please visit my website for more information.


Wow. A candidate actually answering questions and approaching a situation honestly on a blog rather than tasking his henchmen to defend and attack?

I guess Doug doesn't know how things are supposed to work around here. I'm sure we anonymous pundits will set him straight though.

I have had the chance to meet Mr. Gamble and he appears to be quite capable and competent. I like that he cares about the small business community as well. And to the person who slammed him on the supporters page, he just filed today, so I'm sure he will be lining up supporters. I'd look out for him.

I appreciate a candidate that has the courage to take on a misconception dead on. Good for you, Doug! There should be more of that!

Open Forum for 3rd District Candidates Wed.Jan.31 at 1825 Vine Zodiac Motorcycle Club 6:00pm come and hear the Candidates platforms and ask them questions. Look for Brandon Ellington the youngest to show the season politicans what the 3rd District needs and deserves. A fresh start. Citizens will be amazed that they finally have someone that is running that truly cares about improving the condidtions that the experienced ex and soon to be felons and term limited seanson politicans have not done nor intended to do.
I chanllenge the 3rd District residents to make a change.

What exeactly does small business candidate mean? Nothing, just a slogan or is it code for giving every business regardless of size preferential treatment over neighborhood folks. Every day in the City there are developers coming to City Hall looking to steamroll neighborhoods. We need someone to stand with us against business encroachment into our neighborhoods, not be the voice of small business.

Nick Carraway

I think small business candidate means just that. He understands that if people can't work in KC they won't live in its neighborhoods. There is a lot of waste in city government involved in making small business people jump through unneeded hoops. You should be able to get licsense without long lines and going to 20 floors. Doug has seen the problems in city hall and will stand up and fix them.

4th District At-Large forum sponsored by the Urban Society and local chapter of AIA at the Downtown Library, Helzberg Auditorium. 5:30-7:30 this Wednesday, Jan. 31.

Small Biz Owner

Amen to Nick Carraway! What a dream that would be if Doug could make that process easier! I'm still mad about my trip to City Hall! Good luck!


Small business candidate means nothing? Hmmmm, last time I checked our city recieves millions of dollars in revenue and has to allocate those expenditures across a vast array of programs and interests. With numbers like that I sure would hope someone truly has a record that Doug has had with his hotel business. If I recall, it was also mentioned at the forum last night that Doug owns a home with his wife and 2 kids in the 4th district. So take a concerned homeowner, add someone who has a vested interest in the city by creating jobs and additional revenue to the city and sprinkle in some business sense that has been obviously lacking on City Council and well....I guess you just get another anonymous post that wants to play negative.

brent toellner

Doug presented to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association candidate forum early this month -- at the time I was trying to figure out who he heck this guy was. I'll admit that at first he came off a little "slick" for my taste -- but by the time he was done, I was very interested. As a hotel owner, he talked a lot about bringing in more convention and tourism business into the city...and seems to have the experience/knowledge to help with that. He also seems to have a level head about our TIF issue (I actually can't believe someone would turn down TIF $$ for a hotel, but since we can prove him wrong, he'd be a fool to lie about it here). And is a business owner who invested, and succeeded, in a very difficult midtown area. I'm not going to criticize anyone who is helping out in that part of the city -- especially several years ago (unless of course they're leveling historic buildings to build a lot of surface parking for the midtown market place).

I haven't really made a decision on the 4th in-district race -- I like most of the candidates for a variety of different reasons...but I think Doug is a very strong candidate in this thing...

Hmmm....a slick articulate well spoken candidate? It seems there was another candidate who was considered "slick" that went pretty far in politics. Gamble for President: 2012!!!!


I have known Doug for a long time(20 + years). Bottom line is that he is a good hearted, ambitious person who has had the dream for a long time to get involved in KC government. So he set out a plan to make that happen; he got an Ivy League degree, he moved back and lives in the district, attends church regularly in the community, owns a business in the district, participates in various charities in the community, etc. etc. He is a great candidate who will respond to any challenge you put in front of him, as you've seen above. He has no hidden agenda, only that he wants to make Kansas City a better place and has some ideas on how to do so. I challenge you to put him to the test; get to know him at an event he is attending, send him questions about his ideas. That way you will get a great idea of the type of person he is and what he may accomplish as a representative of the 4th District.


I don't know where "encroachment" guy lives but those off us that live off Troost aren't suffering from a gross influx of businesses.


Kansas City is not a small business. Small business principles are great and all, but not a cure-all for a major governmental entity.

gamble will still make an assload of money when this project sells SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE the "new owners" will get TIF approval. Is he coming out against their TIF proposal? I'm sure he'll say he isn't because it's a conflict of interest (and it is), but that would show some real balls.


That's sort of an impossible request, isn't it, Daft? He owns what he owns, and I bet he bought it so he could fix it up and sell it for a bundle. Smart business move, and now he's just in a tight spot as far as TIF goes.

Although I do agree that a building that is a stone's throw from the Plaza (and is supposedly profitable TODAY) is in no way an appropriate TIF recipient. So maybe I've talked myself into agreeing with you. Any council candidate who won't say that we shouldn't be giving TIF $ to projects on the Plaza doesn't get my vote.

I agree too that the whole "small business" thing is of limited value. Gamble seems like a single-issue candidate, and the council needs to have a broader approach. The city has a lots of things it needs to deal with. Development is only one piece of the puzzle.

I'm sure Kirk's right about how Gamble "wants to make Kansas City a better place," but if he really "has some ideas on how to do so" then lets hear them. All I hear is "I have a successful business." SFW? How are you different from all other successful business men? Besides the Ivy League degree.


Since Mr. Gamble's touting his largess as an employer, two questions:

1 - What do you mean when you say that your employees earn a "living wage?",1,7210370.story?coll=la-headlines-business-careers&ctrack=1&cset=true

From the HERE (Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees union) website:

"• The more union hotels there are in a city, the more hotel workers are paid. In cities with few union hotels, workers are paid just $7 an hour. In cities with mostly union hotels, that rate more than doubles, to $19 an hour."

2) How much does your employees health insurance cost them?

Philip S

Some things you should understand about Doug Gamble. I know these to be true as I consider Doug a good friend, he is a good father, and a good person.

1. He is a person of the people, in other words he has worked for what he has, nothing was given to him. He understands a work ethic, and understands the struggles people deal with in day to day life.
2. He is a person of integrity, and honesty. This is rare in today's politics, very rare.
3. Doug does not tout his Ivy League education, in fact you have to practiclly pull this information from him, yes he is intelligent, but humble. He did not skate through Cornell, he worked as a student athlete playing on the football team.
4. He does understand "small business" and the role that it plays in the big picture of "big business" he is fiscally responsible, no lavish parties at city hall.
Doug has not entered this race as an ego adventure, rather someone that will get things done, hold people to high standards, and will deliver a passion for effective government. Is that not afterall what is needed today?
Get to know him, ask him questions, he will not hide or back away from the opportunity to interact with the people of the city.

For more on this topic, see this:


I went to SMSU with his wife Amy. I know she had a pretty serious drinking problem. She was known all over campus as easy sleazy Sallee. Slept with over half of my fraternity. I am not kidding, she was pretty skank. Some of my friends had some sex tapes with her. One was on a spring break. Maybe she was able to get clean and sober for his sake I hope.

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