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January 23, 2007



Well Kraske - you are really showing your true liberal colors now - or at least pro-democratic party with this entry:

"Finally, Democrats in the state House picked up a handful of seats."

Oh no, Steve, you aren't biased at and Helling always ask the tough questions of Sebelius, Morrison, Boyda and Moore.

Kraske and Helling are jokes and hacks.

I think the word "finally" was simply used to signify the last in the series of listed events that occured under Mr. Gates' leadership. But then, I guess people can find fault with anything if that is their goal.

I will definatly be supporting Gates in his re-election!!! He has done KS a great service! I have talked to him several times and expect he will be a shoo in.


Gates took Morrison to visit Sebelius back in 2005 to go over Democratic Fundraising 101: Follow the Money. Paul came back and made his headline grabbing announcement that he was now a democrat. More innocuous within that announcement was that he was now pro-choice. What's the significance? The strategy was to hide that message within the bigger headline. But that hidden message caught the attention of those it was intended for: George Tiller, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, which bankrolled Morrison's victory. Sebelius, Gates and Morrison, a trio of self-excommunicated catholics.

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