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January 24, 2007



Perhaps this should be addressed from another direction. How about we need LESS college bound and more trades bound. 60% of "college" bound are not college material to start with. They can make as much or more as a skilled tradesperson. The corporations will import H1b's to undercut high end wages anyway so get a skilled trade ie, plumbing, carpenter, HVAC, welding and you then have both the public and the corp. by the cajones.

Do you have a leak, are you cold, car not running, heh heh, give me money then and Ill let you out to play.

Used to live in Houston and a friend worked a the Volvo dealer as a "technician" (used to be a "mechanic") but made 70 grand. The welders we hired were paid 25-32 per hour plus 15 per hour for their welding rig plus X dollars per day for per diem. That adds up.

It is extremely difficult to hire qualified craftspeople.

But we browbeat youth into the college thing. Which is fine for those that are so disposed. But many would likely benefit much from a different direction.

Peace Marcher

Traditionally, those scholarships have applied to vocational training as well as universities.

Hey, Keith, how about a link to the Democratic response to Blunt's speech. How slack of you to not provide your readers with the other side.

Here's the link:


Mr Bill:

I could not agree more. As a middle income taxpayer whose son is abot to graduate from college, I am anayed and disgusted that the middle class taxpayers and our children continue to be screwed by programs which only help the so-called disadvantage. We have had our tuition increased so these people can continue to procreate and tprovide for their children. They receive free health care, food stamps, and subsidized education..

The entire government and elite establishment is following Lenin's stated strategy of destroying the middle cleass through inflation and high taxes..


Did anybody catch mention of Blunt's 65 percent mandate? I seem to remember him touting this as Missouri's "solution" to inadequate funding: "The classroom is where learning occurs. When new money goes to schools and teachers fall further behind, we do not have our priorities right."

Why not just fully fund the foundation formula? That's what 1/2 of Missouri's school districts currently suing the state want us to do. Maybe the governor's right though, just maybe he understands the educational needs of Missouri students better than educators themselves.


Well, many of the most intelligent students I encountered as an undergraduate student happened to be in the "disadvantaged" classification milwolf so emphatically criticizes. While there's certainly no such thing as a free lunch, I hope we at least all agree that everyone should be eating lunch.

If there's anyone destroying the middle class in Missouri, it's a combination of Gov. Blunt and President Bush. Lets tell the country we're going to offer these great tax cuts, but not tell everyone that they will disproportionately affect the middle class. Even better, lets offer massive tax cuts while increasing spending. That sounds like a great way to help my kids in the future when it won't even matter whether they went to college or not because they'll be so burdened with my generation's debt.


If scholarships are such a great idea, I guess all you good folks will back them to get kids out of failing K-12 schools…right?

"60% of "college" bound are not college material to start with"

What portion of your anatomy did you pull that out of, mr. bill?


Mr. Bill, unfortunately many of the trades unions in Kansas City are harder for these youths to get accepted into then college. As favoratism, nepatism, and discrimination persists in the union apprenticeship programs.

College is the way to go for everyone in my opinion even if you want to work with your hands (you may someday want to own your own business). The knowledge one gains in college can help everyone out in some way.

Kids today can't even borrow enough money to pay their tuition (which was a shock to me). They are literally not being approved for enough loan money, and many can't make thier parental contributions.

I commend Blunt for his initiative. But I would like for him to know where the increase funding would coming from, as it appears the democrats plan does.

kudos to both. These are the kinds of things and citizens he (Blunt) should be championing for not big business, political donors, the medical bar, and the insurance industry.

One love. Independent and Proud.

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