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January 25, 2007



"As he exited the first room, Bush pointed at your pool and joked back to the medical professionals: "This guy could use a little examination here - he's with the press." A member of the presidential entourage was heard suggesting a proctology exam, which the pooler declined."



It is called humour. Is that outlawed in the liberasl world or only funny when you call the POTUS an idiot or laugh at cartoons that draw him looking like a monkey. Maybe it is also allowed as long as it is about hunting with the VP....

Get over it.

Members of the Democratic Party have great senses of humor, or how else could we have survived all of these years under a first term supreme court appointed and second term election stolen presidency? We just don't happen to agree that the moronic, sophmoric antics and quibs of the chimp-in-chief and his entourage of ill-appointed nincompoops are cute, charming, or funny. We would like a grown-up in the Oval Office and a non-criminal in the Vice Presidency. We would have liked someone other than a horse show judge in charge of FEMA. We would like the individuals in charge of the various important offices of our government to have real job related skills, real job related talent. We have grown weary of poor leadership, if that is what you can possibly call what that guy who breathes in oxygen in the Oval Office has done for 6 plus years.

Peace Marcher

I would be happy with a literate adult who knows how to use the English language.

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