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January 16, 2007


This is old news. But it does speak for the fact that Funk is cutting edge when it comes to being copied. I guess imitation is the best form of flattery.

With the flourish of his pen, on the day he filed, Funk signed a large poster with his "Commitment to KC."

It all just gets better and better.

Ellis wasn't the voters' choice four years ago. What makes her think she is in 2007?

Oh yes, it is very innovative to sign campaign commitments and covenants. I've never even heard of the Contract with America.

my world

Rhetoric Rhetoric Rhetoric....panels...commissions..advisory committee's...blah blah blah....sounds like mayor kay was in her ear when she was talking....let's decide she's not the one and move on.

Many of Ellis's votes will be taken by Brooks. She will not even advance beyond the primary election.

Yep. She won't break 3% this time.

In that vain, then Glover is not the choice either if you say Ellis was not voters choice last time either. Brooks is just not the leader you want for the city as a whole. I say Ellis has the outside looking in mentality that perhaps we need downtown.

What did Mrs. Ellis do for the Partnership for Children?

I looked at all the candidates sites, and Ellis deserves credit for at least putting forward a plan. You may not agree with everything (or anything she says) but at least she treats the voters with enough respect to give them her views on everything. The plan is 42 pages. Everybody else just has bullet points, more or less... And given the length and detail, I'd guess she started planning this long before Funkhauser put out his bullet point list.

Ms. Ellis is not an outsider. She is the quintessential insider. Her ideas are old hat and her dreams of becoming Mayor are the stuff of Lifetime TV. She ran 8 years ago as a newcomer, with very long ties to political insiders. She got her job as director of Partnership through the good offices of well heeled and connected friends. She fouled that up royally. Will she break 3%? Doubtful.

A more intrepid researcher may find interesting reading regarding printing bills.

i think you are a misinformed citizen and like to listen to idle gossip...if you only knew

No, you are.

Fairfield for Dog Catcher!

If Janice Ellis can't keep a small nonprofit group going, why in the world would anyone think she could run a major metropolitan area? After five years of her "leadership", Partnership for Children is in ruins - I've been told the agency is being kept afloat by its board, just so Janice won't be embarrassed by it going under while she's running for office. The minute she wins (or hopefully, loses) the agency will shut its doors because it's totally bankrupt. Ellis is a delusional and dishonest loser - I hope the people of Kansas City realize that and don't fall for her lies and deceit.

Larry T.

I'm currently skimming her covenant. It has alot of good ideas. Have you at least looked at it? After I get through it, I'll comment more...

Her covenant has good ideas. Too bad that as citizens we are short changed on good actions. These are things that should be no brainers, the stuff of media stunts. I will not fall for a media ploy. Ellis is wrong for Kansas City. We have had years of a puppet government. No more insiders pulling all the mayor's strings.

She needs to check her spelling in her covenant.....


People should really take note of Ellis' mismanagement of PFC. She REALLY DID manage that organization into the ground - it is not just heresay and spreading rumors or electioneering at work here. It may recover, but she messed up things royally there.

It's too bad we cannot get the facts from primary sources on this, but it is difficult for people to come forward publicly with such damaging information.

People should have significant concerns about her lack of management skills.

Mary Ellen Ponder

Ellis left Partnership for Children with an unrestricted endowmentment fund at $500,000. The organization is still alive and well. Check out her website to view her accomplishments at Partnership for Children.

Oh yeah...that's why half the Partnership for Children staff has been laid off over the past year and the organization doesn't pay its bills. And that's why a current PFC staffer told someone at a meeting I attended last week that things are "really grim" at PFC. Sounds real alive and well to me!

Mary Ellen Ponder works for the Ellis I wouldn't pay any attention to her posts.

Mary Ellen Ponder

That's why I signed my name. I also worked for Partnership for Children for over four years. I am well aware of the organization's health. If you have any questions please email me at maryellenponder[@] If you are going to make such slanderous comments please refrain from anonymity.

It's not slander to state something that's the truth.

Mary Ellen Ponder

you're right it's actually libel


Sweetheart...I'm not sure where you got your ideas about the definition of slander and libel, but it sure as heck wasn't journalism or law school. If you're going to work on someone's political campaign and are going to be out there doing PR for them, maybe you should do a little research first. I did go to law school and here is a simple legal explanation of slander and libel. Maybe you should memorize it before you go shooting your mouth off again about something you obviously know nothing about.

Libel and slander are legal claims for FALSE statements of fact about a person that are printed, broadcast, spoken or otherwise communicated to others. Libel generally refers to statements or visual depictions in written or other permanent form, while slander refers to verbal statements and gestures. The term defamation is often used to encompass both libel and slander.

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