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January 27, 2007


Maybe friend of labor and Democratic operative/politico Jeff Roe will finally get his due and be appointed

Warren G. Harding

I am all for Roscoe Clonking becoming the next Democratic Chairman.


I hope the party choses well for a new chair. 2008 will likely be a make or break year for Dems in MO. We need to win back the Gov's mansion (please Matt run for a second term) and a chamber of the legislature would also be nice.

My guess is that annointed Gov candidate Nixon made clear he wanted new leadership for the party he will be the headliner. He and Wilson weren't terribly good buddies when Wilson as Lt Gov (and briefly Gov).

The other possibility is that Wilson is thinking of getting back into the game as a candidate.

Hopefully the next will be from KC. Having said that we have a better shot at winning powerball.

Jeff Roe sucks!!

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