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January 24, 2007



How about that?

He's NOT as dumb as he looks.


It was probably the fact that Obama and the Hillary are sucking up all available cash and Edwards has wrapped up labor.

We all knew this was coming. No surprise here.

Mod Dem

He actually decided he was going to run before he decided he wasn't going to run.

Sorry, couldn't resist! Still love ya John!


Actually, it's a very funny joke.


Congrats to Senator Kerry on a dignified "thanks but no thanks" before the race really heats up.


He'll be too busy trying to ensure America's defeat in Iraq to run for Prez.

George Bush and Dick Cheney have already accomplished that feat, but thanks for the whine.

"He'll be too busy trying to ensure America's defeat in Iraq to run for Prez."

What a joke. Blaming this defeat - and this IS another Vietnam - on Kerry? While you're at it, you forgot to lump in Jane Fonda and the swiftboaters.

I heard Ralph Monaco is forming a Committee and hired Pat Gray to run his Presidential bid

2pokes: No, this is squarely on the shoulders of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Republican controlled Congress, et al. Always pointing the finger of blame elsewhere...except where is belongs.

Ed Friedemann

When we finally left Vietnam the Vietnamese stopped dying { after using-up the killing tools that we left behind}.

"He'll be too busy trying to ensure America's defeat in Iraq to run for Prez."

And I thought it was all Bill Clinton's fault.

Old Drum

Anon at 3:14: I believe our good friends on the Right blame everything that is going bad in the Bush/Cheney and Republican controlled Congress of the last six years on Bill Clinton's zipper.

It certainly is telling that our good Bush/Cheney apologists discover that the war in Iraq is going badly after four years under the complete control of the Republicans. And, they now claim it is the Democrats fault that the Republicans in power were so incompetent.

This is one more piece of evidence that the election results in November were long overdue. And, if Bush's Iraq War continues to be even more unaccomplished in six months than it is now, then you will Republicans in marginal areas defecting in staggering numbers. We will be out of Iraq before the 2008 election because a majority of Republicans do not want to experience 1964 or 1974 again. And, they know if significant number of US troops are still dying in Iraq in October, 2008, November 2008 will be catastrophic.

In fact, look at the Republicans who voted for cloture on the minimum wage bill: Coleman, the two from Maine, Spector, and Warner. Coleman and the Republicans from Maine voted to end cloture for self-preservation.

Watch the number of Republicans supporting on a non-binding resolution condemning the Bush/McCain escalation.

Those will be votes for self-preservation, too!

The Iraq war is truly a Republican war: it was conceived, planned, executed by Republicans. It was conceieved on lies, planned on over optimistic views of Iraq, and executed in the worst possible way. We are now seeing the truth of the following: You cannot fool all of the people all of the time. The disasterous nature of this war is now self-evident to anyone who does not get ALL the news from Fox and Rush.

And, BILL CLINTON had absolutely nothing to do with this Republican incompetence!




Old Drum, you absolutely nailed it with that last post. Well said on every point.

Interesting fact...George H.W. "Poppy" Bush was once quoted as saying "You can't fool all of the people all of the time. That's true. But you can fool SOME of the people all of the time and that's the key." How applicable such a sentiment is with reference to the "28 percenters"...!!!

Patrick Pierce

Can we say "duh"? Obama, Hillary, and Edwards will surely take the $$$ and headlines.

He didn't win when he had the chance against an idiot. So what kind of chance could he have w/ an open seat???

He's not as dumb as the wrong would have you to believe.

Maybe he learned a little something from his "swift boating" episode and didn't really want it to happen again.

Either way.....a Dem will win in '08 so life will go on the for the Democratic Party.

THAT was my foot

Well said Old Drum!!!! I wouldn't be suprised if the repubs blame the supernova of our sun in a million years on Clinton and the demos...


"Either way.....a Dem will win in '08 so life will go on the for the Democratic Party."

As long as it is Obama or Richardson, I am good with that.

Political Moderate

Obama baffles me. I've been trying to read as much as I can to see what it is people find attractive...but, other than a great orator, I don't see much.
Hillary has an enormous war chest...maybe exceeding $14 million. Obama has a comparatively small amount of about $785,000. She can literally buy him out... So even his charisma will likely fold under that financial difference.
Richardson is my solid favorite because he brings the best skills set to the job of POTUS. But, Bill is way underfunded and that too may be his downfall.
But I have sent my check to him hoping a miracle will happen.
I'm wondering if Graves, Dusenberg, Bartle and Roe can also help Bill with some money? It would be better spent than giving anything to Becky Nace.


If you read up on Obama's tenure in the Illinois Senate, you will see that he is a fairly comprimising person. And he will listen to other peoples ideas and opinions even if int he end he doesn't agree with them. I still think he is a little inexperienced but give him time to build a body of work and I think we will all be impressed.

Political Moderate

craig---Maybe I'll agree with you in 2012 or 2016.
Hopefully so.
I don't see how he can acquire executive skill sets being a legislator. IMHO, the Club of 100 is a poor place to hone managerial abilities.
Please understand, I just hope to see him do some marinating.
Perhaps, that could best be done as a VEEP.

Bill RICHARDSON and Barrack OBAMA is definitely a ticket to support.

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