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January 17, 2007






Good for Beth....I support her.


WOW, a Kansas City Democrat for fiscal restraint and efficiant government. I am pleasantly suprised.


Why is this lack of action in the MO legislature not getting some serious pub in the fishwraps??? They ought to be hounding our elected officials about this. This kind of thing infuriates me. At the federal level I lean to the right when voting, but I've grown tired of these crackerjack politics from our state Republicans. Couple this kind of garbage with the HORRIBLY written legislation they've passed along the last few years and it's easy to see that we need a change. Have to agree with Colbert's "The Word" on "lose" just before the mid-terms.


you go girl

I like the message she's trying to send, but is it realistic to reqyuire a vote every day for the per diem? Deliberation and debate on issues is a part of the work they have to do as well...


Give 'em hell Beth!

Peace Marcher

Great idea!

way to go Beth...


Can someone tell me why House and Senate members are receiving a per diem anyway?

Is there some hidden cost that goes into being an elected official that I do not experience as a private citizen? Are our elected officials' state and private salaries too small to pay for their lunch, their parking, their dry cleaning? I realize there are extended costs having to live in Jeff city four days out of the week and also maintain a residence in their home districts, but that is an assumed financial risk for office candidates.

I support Rep. Lowe's legislation as I have always supported Beth as my representative, however I am increasingly inclined to question the fundamental need for a per diem.

Someone please let me know if I'm missing something here.


In my opinion, if you didn't offer the per diem, then citizens without great wealth would not be able to hold the office.

MU Cowboy

This is one of those that seems in theory to be a really cool stunt, and in reality is an awful idea. Yes, there needs to be something done to get the GOP leadership to work, but ripping off her co-workers is just a cheap stunt that won't improve the situation. Our reps are already underpaid and this is just another way of the state saying they don't want intelligent, qualified people to take being in public service seriously. Yes, a person from Joplin or Maryville working in Jefferson City needs per diem just to live in the Capital City most of the week, and all we do by cheapskating them is drive more good people out of elective office. It's ironic that in spite of her claim to be tired of political games, the Representive has just done the same thing, this is a political game that fixes nothing and tries to get publicity and impress people without actually doing anything to improve our state or family's life. To throw this out there even as we're trying so hard to get a decent salary for legislators and judges, having overridden the advice of the commission which is supposed to set these salaries for years in another cheap political stunt, is very irresponsible.

Fix the problem, don't just punish those who have no control over it. Some backbench freshman from Cassville or Lee's Summit cannot force the GOP leadership to get off their butts, nor should they be expected to work for US while not being compensated for the expense of living in Cole County.


Lets face it, Cole County is not an expensive place to live. Legislators voted last year to increase both their per diem and salary. These legislators are making nearly the median Missouri salary in 2006 for working part time jobs (3-4 days a week, if that, for 5 months a year). Nearly all of the legislators have additional jobs that they work on over their days off and for the remaining 7 months each year. Poor. Hah. If you think most of the legislators are poor you need to seriously re-evaluate the definition of the term poor!

Rep. Low has a good point. It's time for our elected and paid representatives to get off their butts and do something!

MU Cowboy, Point taken - "Fix the problem, don't just punish those who have no control over it. Some backbench freshman from Cassville or Lee's Summit cannot force the GOP leadership to get off their butts, nor should they be expected to work for US while not being compensated for the expense of living in Cole County." - But, have you spoken directly, in person, with Rep. Low to conclude that her motive for the proposal is, as you say, "tr(ying) to get publicity and impress people"? Perhaps there is room for discussion and compromise without the innuendo?

steve jackson

I agree 100%...but as someone with many many many years experience with the legislature it has always been 2-4 weeks before committee work really begins. The Democrats did it and the Republicans do it. These are citizen legislators and they are just not real gung ho at the start of a session to get anything going.

But overall I agree with Beth Low. These guys and gals get almost $80 a day plus mileage to drive into town on Monday and leave Thursday plus they have access to an $800 office account monthly. And yet they do no actual work.

Maybe it would be better spent having the Session Begin Feb 1 and they actually start showing up informally the first week of January to begin things like the rules and committees.

Allie Zaroor

WAY TO GO BETH!!!! Finally, someone in the house actually sticking to their campaign palttform......GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY!

Keep up the good work.


MU Cowboy, good argument. I am guessing that you are a legislator yourself. If so, please share with us your identity since you are a public figure and Beth has gone out on a limb.

Cutting one's own pay does not smack of a stunt to me. It seems honorable and noble. As a business man, if I don't work I don't eat. -So I endorse it.

But I see your point. What do you offer in the alternative to encourage our lawmakers to go to work?

An obvious compromise between you two would be only to tax those lawmakers who cause the delay or procrastination (e.g., those in leadership positions and directly responsible). Would you be okay with that?


To really make a statement, why doesn't Low voluntarily refuse to accept or donate her per diem whether her fellow reps do or not. Just more sour grapes from the minority.

steve jackson

wanna really help make government for the people. End their pay and per diem all together. You wanna serve in the legislature, make it ture public service. No money for the service. Just their time and dedication.

Beth Lowe's move is so stupid and partisan. I certainly hope the legislators take time to study bills. What good does it do to just throw bills onto the floor constantly? She can afford to support a move, as she has a husband who supports her. Beth, get real and quit grandstanding, as you haven't done anything really productive since you've been there.

If it is sooo horrible, why not donate the per diem that you do not think u should get to Charity instead of keeping it and playing this grand standing game that u are playing?

Easy solution - do the right thing and give it up or stop the game.


Just as Congressman Bill Emerson gave the pay raise he voted against to a local school, Beth could do the same with the un-earned money she feels she is receiving. I have visited with a few different Reps and they tell me Beth has yet to say a single word on the floor, I just wonder why she has not spoken about this in anyway other than a press release. Just wondering.

"She can afford to support a move, as she has a husband who supports her."

Um no she doesn't. Beth is single.

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