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January 19, 2007


Callahan helps the Republicans wow what a shock.


Completely twisted if Callahan subbed for Bartle. Callahan may not be a liberal Dem, but I always thought of him as a Truman Dem. Never coloured him Republican. I am rarely wrong. I hope my true blue winning streak holds.


Since the subject of Callahan came up, I have a question. I really don't know much about him but have read some hateful stuff on this blog about him. The three things that I do know about him are;
1. He had conflicts with Katheryne Shields, that is a good thing.
2. He had conflicts with Henry Rizzo, that is a good thing.
3. He is trying to get his constituents out of the KC school district, that is a good thing.

Is all the hateful negative stuff about him just to be attributed to the slimy Jackson County political machine?

Just honestly wondering.

The Graves brothers and Bartle -- three peas in a pod!

craig, Callahan was always on the same level as Shields in my book--that level being the gutter as far as I was concerned. They fought, sure, but over who would be the more corrupt. In other words they each wanted to take, take and take and not share with each other. Not sure if either got out of 3rd grade if you know what I mean.


anon @ 8:34, thank you for the response. My inclination is to believe you just because of his association with the Jackson County legislature, but since I did not live here during that time, I can really only base my opinion of hearsay (although there are a few facts to partially back up what you said).


Craig, I believe Anon 8:34 omitted a number of differences between Victor Callahan and Katheryn Shields. Victor hasn't been investigated or indicted once, let alone three times, and Victor didn't make the taxpayers pay for his picture in a mural (he was even willing to have the mural repainted without cost to the taxpayers--although Katheryn in an orange jumpsuit or as a white "blob" might have diminished the artistic value of the mural).

While Victor can be very vindictive, this is a common trait among politicians--witness Senator Bartle's 17-hour filibuster against Erdman's appointment to the MU Board of Curators SOLELY because Erdman supported Bartle's opponent in the primary. What is different about Senator Callahan is that he will tell you to your face he's out to get you, while others, such as Senator Bartle, will cloak their revenge in the guise of morality and similar "causes".

While I won't argue with Anon 8:34's "gutter" characterization (since we all have different levels for "gutter"), I will state that Victor Callahan stands tall among current legislators when measured by the reliability of their word; where others will equivocate, waffle, avoid, delay, or out-right lie, Senator Callahan will identify his position and what changes must be made to change his position, and then he votes in accordance with what he told you.


Thank you for a differing opinion. Like I said, I am trying to form my own opinion and that takes listening to all and filtering out the junk. Like I said earlier, the only thing negative I had really heard about him is the guttersniping that is on this blog. He has however chairman of one of the most corrupt legislatures in the country, so it takes a lot to overcome that.


craig, it sounds like you have already made up your mind if you have already determined that he was the chairman of the most corrupt legislature in the country; certainly, Victor Callahan would be corrupt, as well. However, I am intrigued by your label of "one of the most corrupt", and would certainly appreciate any elucidation you can provide for your assessment.


I am referring to the Jackson County Legislature, which he was a member and at one time Chairman of. You have two current convicts, one former member that was currently indicted. It is hard to be around that much corruption and not let at least get a little slime on you. I try not to use the "guilt by association" but with that group it is hard. Actually my opinion is mostly based upon what he has done since I have lived in the area (as mentioned above). I was just wondering if all the sniping about him was justified or not. Truthfully, it looks like it isn't. But it is still hard to trust someone who has been involved in the Jackson County Political Machine.

Victor Callahan


As Chairman of the Jackson County Legislature, I proposed open, competitive bidding on all public contracts, an activity by the County Executive which was later the subject of a Federal Corruption probe.

In my time on the Legislature, I exposed mismanagement and incompetence of the Shields Administration, often in spite of the failure of the Kansas City Star Editorial Board and reporters to fulfill this obligation.

As State Senator, I passed a law which would preclude those convicted of Federal Crimes from qualifying for public office.

Politics is a field littered with words but I believe actions speak for themselves.

Victor, no email address to respond to?


Mr. Callahan,
Thank you for your response, color me impressed. Your name has been slung through the mud a lot lately (in this blog and a little in public). I was just trying to determine the reasoning behind it. After your response, I will attribute it to "guttersniping". I respect you standing up for Senator Bartle as a "person" even though you may not agree with some of his politics. I am also aware of the legislation you sponsored regarding convicts and elected postitions, unfortunatley that was thrown out by the courts. I am sure you can understand my lack of trust for anyone associated with the Jackson County Legislature and take you at your word that you attempted to clean up the corruption, but that would have been a monumental task for one person. Your ability to look past party politics for the good of your constituents also impressed me. Your candor has gained a supporter (although I am not in your district so I can't vote for you). Thank you.

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