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January 25, 2007



Anyone's got to be better than Sam Graves.


I hope she runs. Not because she'll win, but because she can't take the heat. Look at the Chamber's criticism of her and the spat that caused last week.

Running on rejuvenating KC's downtown in the Northland and Rural Missouri...good luck. How much would you pay to see Kay Barnes in a corn field in Trenton, MO? Claire barely pulled it off but Kay can't.

My last point is this: seniority. She's almost 70. Graves is just starting to get seniority...Kay could serve 3 terms max. Plus don't forget that we redistrict in 2010 and Missouri is going to lose a seat. Anyone want to bet that one of the top targets will be putting the Northland into the 5th?

But still, Graves supporter and all, I say run Kay, run. I'd love to see the carnage.

Graves beats Barnes, period. She won't run, because she knows she can't win. Book it.

Graves beats Barnes, what a laugh. Graves is only in D.C. because the Dems haven't put up a serious contender. Barnes has deep, deep pockets, and can raise five times the cash than Graves. Graves knows this, that why he already having his interns on Grand post in this blog.

Kay is better looking and smarter than Sam.

Trenton? How about Bethany or Brookfield? Kay in Tarkio? I don't think so. Have you seen this district? It's huge and it's rural. This is a way it happens. No way.

Gentle Ben

The woman is a slime on any office she would hold.

Political Moderate

A real representative of the people for this congresssional district...
What a wonderful change that would be...
Run, Kay, Run!!!

Why does anyone think Kay would win? She never had much competition in her 2 mayoral runs... George Blackwood - 1st term and then Stan Glazer - 2nd term. I can't see her winning in the rural areas with the likes of Steve Glorioso at her helm.

Peple sure are unfair to Barnes...why the enmity?


"A real represntative of the people!!" oh glorious day! seriously, i am not sure what you are talking about "political moderate". what exactly do you want? I am a bonafide independent and i know one thing: i've had three separate problems and all three times graves staff has responded quickly and efficiently. Twice they were able to help me, and once, when they couldnt they were very upfront about their chances of success in the matter and the congressman called me personally to explain the issue. Thats what i call a "real representative". I am sure you (under the guise of "poltical moderate") are a fairly partisan democrat. Its a word trick i find that democrats use quite successfully to appear nonpartisan while attacking republicans. Republicans do the same stuff, no doubt. But its why i pick and choose my candidates individually, and maybe you should, too.

The animosity against Kay comes from the forum trolls at Axiom. Guaranteed that they have someone refreshing this page every 30 seconds somewhere in that office. Roe probably even assigned one of his highly qualified staffers to do only this all day long, informing him of any new posts.

She should have done it last year. You can't bully someone by getting in their face with cameras, etc. if they have a police escort.

She's not the President. She doesn't get to keep her two person security detail after April 30th.

That's why I said she should have done it last year, when she had it.

Political Moderate

Mr. Graves always votes along the "party" lines whether it represents the best interest of the majority of his constituents or not. Ergo, I'm hoping to have a representative that "represents" us versus the party.
Certainly, I will agree with that person some of the time and will have to accept it when the vote goes against my wishes. At least I can feel some sense that there is integrity and thought behind all the votes.
We could send a monkey to Congress to push the straight party ticket. That is all Sam is doing.
Now that earmarks are going to be harder to get, Sam's constituent response is going to be negatively impacted. He can't slide by any longer...letting his lack of conscience about his votes gain him the occassional bone.
I haven't seen evidence he actually wants to WORK for us.
If FPJ45 wants to twist that around to make me into the partisan...have at it. It's an interesting perspective.

Gentle Ben

It's one thing to run someone who shares your left-wing values, but Barnes is a kook. She's an embarrassment to the metro area. Let her go back and teach her communiversity course on how to engage in sex acts with farm produce. What a fruitcake.


Sam Graves is super , Barnes is a total joke . She has stong ties in the Northland are you kidding most Northlanders detest her for being a sell out to the Urban core .

Political Moderate

GB---You're well-read and involved. Can you offer another "moderate" that will be responsive to the people of this district instead of the party bosses?
This person will most likely have to be a Democrat...only because Sam has the incumbent advantege in the primary. However, if you know of a Republican that meets the bill...and is electable...I'd like to know.

There is one other option. Sam could come out from hiding...he hasn't been seen since before the election...and try to measure the pulse of his district. He could then make his votes in Congress follow the wishes of the people.

That would be nice. That would be definitely an improvement over his present tact. Again, we'd disagree on some votes...and agree on others. But, we'd hopefully have representation, which is the missing ingredient.


I've had quite the opposite experience of FPJ45. Every time I've written to Sam Graves, all I've gotten in response is a form letter - either touting his stand or completely dancing around the issue. In each case, it was something that directly affected my health and/or welfare. Each time, he voted against my wishes. If Mr. Graves intends to vote against me at every turn, then I will return the favor. I don't care who the Democrats run against Graves, I will vote for them. Graves doesn't care about his constituents in the least.

Political Moderate

The political reality is Ms. Barnes is 67 years old. It is unlikely she will be able to serve effectively, long enough, to earn her way into a position of being able to make a lot of difference in the House.
The "best" solution is for our present congressman to realize his mistakes and begin to effect the changes needed to be an honest representative of the people.
He'll need to get some backbone. He'll tick off special interest money and maybe his party boss's special interest money...but he'll get re-elected. Something I think is increasingly in doubt.
The Democratic leadership appears to have identified Graves as vulnerable and they aren't going to put up yet another weak opponent.
Sam's next win or loss is being decided right now.


I still say she missed her year.

And to the Democrat above who says that Graves voted against his realize that representation doesn't mean voting the way YOU want, but the way the DISTRICT wants. The 6th Congressional district is pretty conservative when you add in the Trentons, the Maryvilles, the Chillicothes, even St. Joseph. So because you live in southern Clay county that doesn't mean your views are representative of the districts.

That is why I don't think Kay has a prayer. She might win 1/2 of Clay and Platte counties, get destroyed up-state (st. joe roots or not, she's not a St. Joe girl now) and in Eastern Jackson County.

In a bad, off-year she might have a chance, 2008 though is going to be a presidential year with Hillary Clinton on the ballot. Not good for Demos.


PFS I wrote to Sam on illegal Immigration and he sent me a personal letter back about his intentions . I find him to be fully qualified in his job . Barnes is 67 and can't run against any one for 2 years when she will be 69 . I live in the Northland are services are horrible "no snow removal " poor street conditions and she lives in the Northland her stance against carry and concealed makes every hunters/sportsman against her .


Do you gentlemen also think that because John McCain will be over 70 when 2008 hits he is too old to be President. I don't (but still won't vote for him).

What exactly does her age have to do with anything?

Son of the 6th District

As someone who grew up in the rural portions of the 6th District and who still has very close ties, I think Barnes would be a great candidate. There are a lot of rural voters who would love to vote for somebody other than Graves, the Democrats have just failed to supply a decent candidate. I think they would warm to Barnes quite well. That being said, the rural vote does not carry that district. More than 60% of the voters in the district are in Metro KC and St. Joe, where Barnes will definitely be a popular candidate. I don't know if she would win, but I think it would be a very close race - much of it will depend on the political climate in 2008.

Red necks suck

I'd almost move tot he 6th district to vote FOR Kay Barnes AGINST Sam Graves. Graves personifies everything I loathe about republicans and their politics. And I'm not even a Democrat.

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