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February 09, 2007


Old Drum


I sure wish our good legislators had a better sense of history.

In the state of Missouri, entire regiments who fought to keep Missouri in the Union did not speak English. Just think if these stupid English-only provisions had existed then. Those units could not have been organized.

Of course, after the Civil War, it was the Missouri Democratic Party that tried to outlaw state-supported bilingual programs, especially in the St. Louis, because those programs served the needs of people who voted Republican.

As someone who teaches ESL, I sure wish there was more money for ESL teachers and less about the status of English.

Kento Brockmanez

I, for one, welcome our Mexican overlords!


"I sure wish there was more money for ESL teachers and less about the status of English."

I sure wish you were unemployed.


Uhm, "Nick?"

If you were sincere about English as an "official" language you would rejoice that people teach English as a Second Language.

But since you wish ESL teachers were unemployed, your inherent racism comes shinging through.

You don't resent people speaking Spanish in America, you obviously want to subjugate people whose skin is browner than yours.


Oh shut up monkeyhawk and shove that your racist crap where it's worthy.


How else are non-English speakers going to assimilate into our English-speaking society without ESL programs? Of COURSE we need to spend more money on them.

Old Drum

Nick, you certainly have an impressive style of argumentation. First, you wish people lose their jobs and then you resort to taboo language.

I wonder if you aware that most Americans come from places where English was not the mother tongue. Given your style of argumentation, it is unclear what you know and whether your are capable of actually discussing manners in a relatively civilized manner.

Nick would be a master at teaching the language of potty-mouth

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