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February 01, 2007


Where is Thursday's "open thread"?

Gentle Ben

So the press in Arkansas is as bad as it is in Kansas (and Missouri, etc., etc.) when it comes to reporting on conservatives, so what? If you actually take a look at what Sam has had success at and what is just hot air posturing he's not terribly effective as a conservative.

He screwed up on immigration in a major way, his latest musings on the war cast doubts on his credentials as a conservative as has his choices for various party posts in Kansas and his meetings with liberals raise serious questions. Indeed, his latest comments on his agenda are hardly conservative.

Often one gets a better picture of who a candidate is by looking at their top staff and Brownback's isn't pretty. His campaign manager is extremely questionable. As a Kansan, I'll be looking very closely at Huckabee, because I don't trust Brownback as far as I can throw him.

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