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February 07, 2007


Thanks Matt

Thanks Matt.
But what is some of the injured are the kids you forced off Medicaid?

Heartless Republican.

Where's the assistance for the $1 billion shortfall in education funding?

Hey if he felt that their was a risk why did he not send his employees home early like the County did???


Thanks matt,

Don't call us heartless when you liberals support abortion.

still heartless you are....

heartless indeed

Abortion! Abortion! Abortion!

Pro-life does not end at birth.

Get over it

I don't get it.

Poverty does not equal abortion.

They are not the same thing.

Why do Republicans only have one argument?

What about the senseless deaths in the unjust war in Iraq with the illegal war waged in Iraq.

Get over yourself.

Hey Roy's boy, the BEST aide you could provide KC is to RESIGN. Help up out here...we've had enough of you already.

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