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February 02, 2007


joe MIller

Yay! Sharon!


The fact that both Freedom and Citizens would endorse Gottstein in the 4th District At-Large race shows how irrelevant groups like this have become in municipal politics. They're endorsements reek of political cronyism and are totally out of touch with reality. With them it's not about the best candidate to represent the district, it's about who's done the most favors and been the biggest political insider. In fact, their endorsements actually give me further reason to vote against these folks as it just means more of the same inefficiency and incompetence.


I don't find them irrelevant at all KCPolitico. I find them very useful. Especially the race based ones. Isn't this group the bunch that got nailed by the feds for feeding Cleaver his illegal money?
Personally I think these groups are great. They make it possible to see at a glance exactly who to strike from your list for consideration. Sometimes it can be difficult to pin down what a candidate is about. With groups like this, all ya got to do is see their name and scratch one off the list. Quick, Easy, and you have no doubt you scratched someone who's in it for themselves.

So what do you think of Kobach, Nick? How much more race based can you get than him?

Candidates actually PAY for endorsements from certain groups...Gottstein will end up paying for this in more ways than one.


Kobach is a race based special interest group? I thought he was an Oxford, Harvard law professor who ran out of gas driving through UMKC.



Looks like some people just have a knack for telling just about everyone exactly what they want to hear. Too bad groups like this don't consider honesty a necessary quality any more.

Freedom Inc did not pick the best Candidates. I for one will not vote for anyone in which this group has chosen to endorse.

They only backed politicans they don't back LEADERS!

Joe Miller for Mayor!

"Joe Miller for Mayor!"

No Way - he talks waaaayyyyy too much! I liked him a lot better when he was at the Pitch!


No Way - he talks waaaayyyyy too much! I liked him a lot better when he was at the Pitch!

When you think about it, it may increase your chances of getting the truth every now and again. Volume alone should handle that. Besides, it's not like he'd be interrupting local programming.


Yes, it is very useful indeed. Thanks for pointing out the crooks in the race, Freedom inc.

Another useful tool is: if Lee A. Moore is treasurer of a ballot question, just vote the other way. Oh, sure, I could go ahead and do due diligence, but it always proves the rule.


Beth totally bought this endorsement. Deth is the only competitive minority in this race, so the fact that it didn't go to him is proof that Freedom is worthless. Beth is in big trouble with Deth in the race. He destroys her at EVERY single forum (and I've been to almost all of them). Beth knows nothing about city government and is just too dang old, or at least old news. Deth is fresh and inspiring and running a positive campaign. Beth is all about the negative and figures she should get this because she has earned it. Go Deth, down with Beth!


Lee A. Moore?

More info please. One just cannot have too many technical indicators.


How old is Beth? She has that old Jewish lady look. You know how they are always so anxious to be treated like old ladies before they actually are. Deth is 36 and he seems younger. That's what we need. We don't need old whiney Jewish ladies who have never held a real job. Deth works with kids in a non-profit and doesn't use all his parent's money to pay the bills. Vote for Deth because he's not a trustfund kid like tired ol' Beth!


Agreed. Deth has Missouri plates. Probably pays his property taxes too. What a novel concept, eh Beth?

And by the way, who the hell is Doug Gamble? At least I had heard of Deth Im before this race!

Fairfield for Dog Catcher!

Deth Im is certainly impressive at forums. He's the kind of candidate who can make us feel good about Democracy and America--he lives the American Dream and is living proof of the promise of America--we sorely need this proof, and people like him. This war and America's bullying has hurt not only our international reputation, but it has hurt the national psyche. Deth Im will be good for theis City in so many ways. I look forward to voting for him. He will bring something special to city hall--where they need something special.

I can't believe that Joe Miller would support that racist Sharon Sanders Brooks. She truly exemplifies one of those blacks that hates whites and everyone else. To listen to her, she feigns intelligence, but is just spewing big words with little understanding of what she is talking about. Shame on you Joe!

Rita's boy Tony must be angry....reading his posts above...


"And by the way, who the hell is Doug Gamble?"

From what I've seen, he seems like a rich, frat boy type schmoozer who seems awfully impressed with himself. He seems to think that the city's biggest problem is that it needs more big hotels downtown. Seems totally out of touch with 90% of the issues facing KC.

These highlight what is wrong with city politics in KCMO. And you wonder why people move to Johnson County or Eastern Jack?

I find it odd that the Deth camp is trashing a candidate like Beth. Not a clean campaign at all when you attack her religion or age. For god sakes she isn't that old. These Deth camp supporters better get a grip and start running a clean campaign.

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