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February 01, 2007



What a shock! A liberal giving a liberal a pass. The hypocrisy of the left is stunning.

I wonder what page this story shows up in the old york times? I'll never know because I use it to wrap fish.

RWC needs to get a job. He sure has a lot of time to post. Oh well...gotta go to work now.


RWC has a job--hired to post on blogs. Showed up here a few days ago. Same old crap, comment after comment. Nothing new.


Funny, If you're at work, how are you reading all of my posts?

I've noticed it really bothers liberals to hear points of view other than their own. They dominate this blog for the most part. I would think the echo chamber would get boring after awhile.

Like I said, RWC showed up a few days ago, posts on a select number of threads with the same "liberals are" stuff. Pretty typical sh!t, whining, tough talk, etc. Provides absolutely nothing in terms of substance to discuss.

Look at the first comment on this thread. Wow! So, so cut and paste. At least a few other kooks on this blog actually provide dialog. RWC, not so much.



You see the liberals instead of commenting on you comment, will attack you instead, because they know you are right but by discrediting you it will discredit your comments to the weak minded.

Where are the comments about how what Biden said is what he feels is the truth since he said it without thinking through his thoughts.

It is going to be fun watching the different groups within the Democratic party attack each other.

Not Proud,
Exactly what in RWC comment should be commented on? He wrote the same thing a few days ago, and last night and this morning. He's doing a fine job for the party and you feel the need to commend him. Your beloved GOP is beating each other up pretty good right now, but I guess that is not something for you to repeat.


"RWC showed up a few days ago"

I guess we'll never know when you showed up, since you don't see fit to distinguish your comments from other anonymous posts.

You want some substance? How about: Joe Biden is a racist and pretty much torpedoed his candidacy in the first week! Not that had a chance at the nomination anyway. Talk about a self important windbag.

Anyway, flame on with you left wing talking points, whoever you are.

RWC, what is your point? I'm sure Joe Biden gives a damn what you think. Its after 11, Rush is on, you need more material.


My Point? Where is the outrage from the left?! If you would actually read my posts, rather than cutting and pasting your left wing talking points, you might get the gist.

If ANYONE from the right had spoken in this way, it would front page news, that is my point.

But since Biden is a hardcore leftist, he'll get a pass. On this very blog, our own Emanual Cleaver is already making excuses for him! Obama has released a couple of snippy comments but thats it.

Don't worry, this will all fade away shortly, Scooter Libby is on trial and there's always a car bomb going off in Iraq, so the press will drop it soon enough.


Speaking of Rush. Biden is in full spin mode. Not working Biden, you're toast.

"If ANYONE from the right had spoken in this way, it would front page news, that is my point."

Now that is a true GOP talking point.

Go here: or here

Do you need more? Or did you just make the comment because you didn't know what you were talking about?

"so the press will drop it soon enough"

Oh good, its all the media's fault--another great talking point.



Not 'gett'n any'?

Testy, testy...

RWC, good work...the loader they scream the better yuo are doing

Oh, I bet you are a real proud listener:

LIMBAUGH: Hey, Barack Obama has picked up another endorsement: Halfrican American actress Halle Berry. "As a Halfrican American, I am honored to have Ms. Berry's support, as well as the support of other Halfrican Americans," Obama said.

Limbaugh on Obama: "If he's got fire in his hands, what has he got in his pants?"

Limbaugh: "And for Barack Obama, a -- well, he's a half-minority"


The only way this doesn't drop in short order is if people such as myself don't let it drop.

I don't need your links, I'm quite capable of locating facts.

High five tsquare. Although clear thinking conservative viewpoints are rare on this blog, I find out in the real world, just the opposite to be true.

"I don't need your links, I'm quite capable of locating facts."---But you said you listen to Rush, so I didn't think you dealt with facts.

LIMBAUGH: "He says Obama is a clean black guy. I look at Obama and I see a clean black guy. What’s so bad, what’s so wrong about what he said?”

So exactly, RWC, what is your problem with the Biden statement?

Biden makes a comment, RWC thinks he's a racist because of it, Rush thinks there was nothing wrong with that comment, so Rush is also a racist, RWC proudly says he listens to Rush, so that means that.......


Feeble attempt at deflection...whoever the hell you are.

The problem is those ar Bidens words. You know, the liberal democrat seeking his parties nomination for President! So why don't we stick to the subject: Biden is a closet racist who has been exposed by his inability to keep his mouth closed when he sees a microphone. I find his words an interesting window on his soul, don't you?

Now would you care to condem Bidens remarks?

No, I think he misspoke, badly. Simple. As. That.

I don't know he is a "closet racist" and you don't either. At least I haven't been told that is what I should think.

He is guilty of this, though: "his inability to keep his mouth closed when he sees a microphone".

Again, Rush didn't think there was anything wrong with what he said, so why do you?


Thank you for proving my point that liberals are hypocrites.

Conservative=hate speach


Most of you are missing the point. I don't think Biden is a racist. The point is that Biden is getting a free pass by the left while if it was someone on the right, we would be probably be hearing cries that Biden should step down and resign.

The thing that is missed out of Biden's comment is that he said the first 'mainstream' African-American. Jackson and Sharpton are not mainstream that would be like calling Pat Robertson mainstream. Keyes is more mainstream, don't really know a lot about Braum and Chisholm.

Also, this is where I do like Obama, he doesn't make a big deal out of race. He understands that Biden was making him a compliment and meant no harm. There are too many leaders of the black community that look to and stir up race controversies.

Uncle Tom

Yassir! Yassir! I's a reel clean, smart black boy! Thank ya, massa Biden, thank ya!

Nice compliment Joe. Save your war chest for the next senate race.


BeProud, he isn't getting a free pass on the left. Look at a few blogs today. Obama and Sharpton have commented. Look at the links above. Biden never had a chance for the nom, this is the thing that the left doesn't like about him. Your whining about Biden is a waste of time. Thanks for agreeing with me that Biden misspoke (that is the way I took it even if you didn't mean that)

RWC, you clearly are out of your element here. Okay, you hate liberals and love conservatives. If you have nothing more to offer than to call people "racist" then I'm sure your friends on this blog can point you to one where you can accuse people of all sorts of filthy things.


I am not whining about Biden and yes I do think he mispoke. Someone pointed out earlier though that if a liberal says this everyone considers that they mispoke, a conservative says it then it is hate speech.

But is it also the other way around sometimes, too. These are truly divisive times.

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