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February 05, 2007


On the Clintons: we don't need another frickin' dynasty. Bill, you're cool. Hillary, I don't know about you honey. Don't get mad, you're smart but ....

On Giuliani, another fascist (not lite).


The Landon Lecture Series is a series, so Clinton will be giving "a" not "the" lecture this year.

How long are these blog posts kept? I see the Archives have ten dates shown, which is more than sufficient time for folk to read the buzz and move on.

If you're keeping every lunacy we write, I think people need to be warned of that in the "Who we are, what we're trying to do" bit. Also, I see no mention of your policy on cookies.


Whats the matter with Kansas??

I think you're witnessing real democracy here. Kinda like the making of sausage.

Gentle Ben

How much are we paying this traitor/serial rapist to speak here?


the clinton are coming to kansas to kick some
a$$...they are the smartest people in america now
and they see the bloodletting by the republican
after the vote yesterday on the iraq resolautions
its easy to see (and the conservative pundits all agree
with me on this) we are seeing the end of the republican
party...senators from washington/maine/virginia/
etc are going down in 08...the dems could have
a veto proof senate then watch out.
kthe repubs are cutting every social program they
can...leaving millions of people unattended...
can't the repubs see the handwriting...the
evangelicals are leaving (100 top evantgelicals
are on a committee with top scientists to fight
globalwarming) while bush and his repub buddies
are fgight it.
keep it up you republicans...accoring to novak
and dick morris the repub. party should be finished
in 08 then after that with the changing demographics
of thiscountry (increases in black and hispanic
populations and voting) the republican party is history
for the next 100 years.
repubs are liars and cheats...their time is up and
america is passing you bye......thank god.
oh by the way...your parents on medicare are in for
a rude awakening under bush and the repubs...their
premiums are going up...thanks for nothing repubs...
you have thrown yourself under the bus forever.

Considering how much you have your head up Kline's butt, I hardly think you are in a position (LOL) to write. But then again, your posts here have that wonderful GOP anger, hate mongering, turd throwing, tilt to them. You serve your master well. If you respond, I'm sure you will not disappoint me in your sophomoric name calling or grade school whining. (I bet you even use the term 'non-entity' in referring to me, that is so, so, a few days ago).

Gentle Ben

If the Republican Party is indeed declining then you can also standby for America's continued decline as both an international superpower and culturally as we descend into barbarism. Liberalism is the language of corruption and religious bigotry. It has clearly become a totalitarian ideology. Heil Hitlary.

nice cut and paste job, ben. didn't I see that in "Jesus Camp"?


get over it republicans...your demise iscoming...
stop using nazi shows your stupidity.
Use facts to back up your arguments/not lies and
references to nazis...also...where have you been
since this last election had no less than 11
republicans under indictment/investigation for
corruption and breaking of the go back
to your cave and wish things were different.
your days are over and numbered...your own people
are saying that...not just me......


Ben, how is working towards creating a government, public institutions and a society at large that consists of, embraces and respects people of all religions, including atheism, religious bigotry?

It seems to me that those who oppose the creation of a Christian Theocracy are sometimes (if not often) accused of religious bigotry and being a part of a so-called "War on Christianity" by radical Christians.

Now some will say this country was founded as a Christian Nation. Indeed, one can make a historical case that it was predominantly Christians who did everything they could to kill off the native peoples of this continent (the TRUE Americans if you ask me), obliterate their culture and language and steal their land. Collectively, they did an outstanding job of taking that which did not rightfully belong to them in the name of their god. This would include many of my own ancestors.

Yet, freedom of religion (ANY religion...even the right to being an atheist) is a constitutional guarantee. Hoisting and promoting Christianity as the religion of our nation above all others is bigotry. Fearing someone or being suspicious of someone simply for being Muslim is bigotry. Assuming someone lacks spirituality or a moral compass just because they are an atheist it bigotry.


Protractor- Does Christian bigotry exist??

A nonny mouse

On Cindy Baker Circo:

In yesterday's, "The fifth column," an anonymous blogger said that CBC was receiving funds from the firefighters through Taypayers Unlimited. Made a, now that I think of it, Rush Limbaugh kind of case for it too. LOL

Problem is, Federal Election Commission data which is current as of 1/29/07, indicates that "Taxpayers Unlimited" made two contributions in the last quarter of 1996. That's 1996. The total amount contributed was a whopping $7k.
Here's the link:

Politics. Ick!


"Protractor- Does Christian bigotry exist??"

If you mean bigotry against Christians, of course it does. That fact in part makes my very point.

I think this is why many of my Christian friends and loved ones are as committed to true religious freedom and opposed to religious bigotry in any form as I am. Once such a thing is truly achieved, religious bigotry by definition no longer exists. True religious freedom is exactly that: a complete absence of religious bigotry coupled with a prohibition against wholesale governmental/societal preference or sanctioning of one religion over others. Yet, the fact that we are evolving as a society in that direction from generation to generation is seen as a threat by some.

A nice little positive side effect...IF society the world over ever eliminates religious bigotry, war all but ends.

JMO...Just My Opinion...


Protactor- You sound like the John Lennon song "imagine"
keep dreaming. Man is sinful (a biblical truth) and there will always be bigotry, man will never be perfect but here in America, a nation influenced by Christianity
its a pretty fair society. I don't want the Baptist or Catholics running the country- I don't believe they want to do that, but maintaining Christian morality benefits all. I hope you don't see Christianty as a bigger threat to society as Islam.

"I hope you don't see Christianty as a bigger threat to society as Islam."

Why do you say Islam is a "threat"?


Protractor- there is none so blind as those who will not see, I can't help you.

Is Islam a threat or "radical" Islam the threat? There is a difference.

Grant Moritz

Protractor-beautifully put. Don't listen to any of these religious naysayers. Their just pissed they can't make or articulate an argument half as well as you can. Keep spreading the word of religious freedom.



I wish I had more time to defend you but what can I say about Gentle Ben that I haven't already said yesterday and what you have said today about these zealots. I agree with everything that u say. Take care


Can someone tell me how much real freedom is in these
Muslim countries?? How about women??

James you didn't answer the question, "Is Islam a threat or "radical" Islam the threat?"

So now you care about the freedom of women? A Bob Knight analogy comes to mind.


Radical Islam is the threat, they are a significant percentage of the Muslim population. If its so wonderful why do they treat women so bad and refer to Jews as pigs?? Where are the "moderate muslims" and why aren't they in the streets protesting?? Surely a few "radicals" wouldn't scare them.

No one said it was "wonderful". That is you, putting words in someones mouth, inaccurately I might add.

Please cite the percent and your source for what makes up the "radical" side of Muslim population.

Exactly what do you think the "moderate" Muslims should be protesting right now. Are you one of those people who think its wrong for some here in America to protest the war, yet expect the "moderate" Muslims to protest something?

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