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February 07, 2007



Whatever... The problem is less language than lack of substance in the response. I thought the Dems demanded that all outcomes of any policy be known up frint and that any deviation from planned outcomes was failure.

Maybe while Edwards is talking nicely to the Iranians he could ask them to quit sending the teoorosts in Iraq IEDs and the new should fired missiles taking down our helicopter. Pretty please...

I am happy that Edwards went to Mission Hills to beg for money than to visit Sugar Creek.

Edwards said, "We ought to negotiate directly with the Iranians" you translate it into "talking nicely to the Iranians". There is a difference in perspective on what is inferred, isn't there?


I don't follow shrugging's point but I will say that no one is looking for perfection when it comes to foreign policy and affairs...but a marginal level of competence would be a warmly welcomed change as far as I am concerned.

When I hear people describe what 'socialized medicine' would look like I find it rather closely resembles what my wife, daughters and I already have...and as the family's sole 'bread winner' I have health insurance out the wazoo! This post is quite topical as my wife has been on the phone literally all day TODAY trying to find a pediatric orthopedist, in our network, within 60 miles of our home, who will see someone who is ten years old as our middle daughter needs to have something 'suspicious' looked at that was first seen in an x-ray taken yesterday of her injured wrist. It only took five hours to get from the hospital's ER waiting room to having the x-ray in hand. My wife also had our 5 year old daughter with her. Anyone ever spent four hours in an examining room with a 5 year old waiting for a doctor to come?

Alas, what I have is better than nothing and better than what I had while in the military. I also know for a fact that directly or indirectly I already pay for the care indigent people do actually receive when they get to the point where their care is far more costly that it would have been had they been able to obtain preventative care in the first place.

I don't claim to know the solution, but doing nothing about it as a nation/society is NOT the answer.

Go Edwards! I think I MAY have found my candidate...although the election is eons away by political time standards.

Finally, several people have posted messages on here that further support my belief that we have devolved into a very selfish collective society.

'Nuff said.

John Edwards is my candidate. For those of you who are like minded, visit his website at and click on the green "Join the Campaign!" button. Let's get the grassroots local movement going NOW! Lots of great informational reading on his website if you are undecided. Mr. Edwards would be a great President!!

John Boy

Hey Policitical Moderate - - talk about taxation without representation....Kansas City has had that for many years...They call it "Earnings Tax" where you pay, but cant vote....



The quote of Edwards stammering that you shared confirms my belief that Edwards is a cross between Dennis Quaid and Mel Tillis.

Beats Dubya who reminds me of a cross between Porky Pig and Forest Gump.


Oops...last post was mine.


Again what has Edwards said as far as a plan. Let's raise the taxes on people to pay for it or as the quote from an earlier posters on Iran, let's talk to them.

Let's use the current Democratic congress, who all campaigned that they were going to hold Bush responsible (especially for the war). SO there big move is to try to push legeslation through that they don't like what he is doing. HEY if you are going to hold some accountable you pass legislation that HAS ACTION NOT WORDS, because again they have no plan, just rhetoric. If they best they can do is pass a legislation just saying they don't like something, they are WEAK.

Same thing with Edwards he is good with talk but it is in circles (as earlier mentioned article).


Seriously. What blows my mind is that this thing never happened when they had the golden opportunity in the Bubba Clinton years. Again, words, not action.

John Boy

Where is the Pendergast machine when we need it ???

Government isn't the answer, it's the problem. And whose making laws now? The "ic"kies are.

Posted by: Jeetzwillager | February 08, 2007 at 10:57 AM

Ickies? Please explain further, Jeetzwillager.

Peace Marcher

"Seriously. What blows my mind is that this thing never happened when they had the golden opportunity in the Bubba Clinton years. Again, words, not action."

Well when you get to this part of American History in your high school program, you will learn all about the health care plan the Clintons proposed. You really need to learn to do your homework before you post here.


I'm not a librarian, look it up yourself.

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