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February 06, 2007



The Committee is to be commended for its process and decision; let's hope the candidate and his attorney exhibit the same good sense. There ARE things that can be done to make the legislative process more civil and responsible. This is one of them.


Yes I agree, this along with verifiable ID requirements that prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.

Corey Mohn

I am pleasantly surprised with this outcome. Kudos to the GOP representatives on the panel for not succombing to pressure from the hardliners.

Trust the second poster to try to deflect a thread about a system seeming to work (so far) into a no-minority-left-untracked pitch.


What crap by the 6:18 a.m. post above.

If you read anything about this situation, you'd know he was talking about four votes that were questioned as being non-resident votes that went to Rardin.

It's a no voters addresses-left-untracked-pitch.

Not even close to being a minority issue. If it's wrong, a minority is getting screwed? If it's right, a minority was brought back from the depths of oppression?

And if they don't change the vote? Hey, we're for change, don't screw us. Change it! ...oh, it wasn't about us...ok, me bad.

Summary -- not everything is about minorities getting screwed.

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