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February 01, 2007


"[Claire McCaskill] Cannot Beat Jim Talent. He Has A Good Record."
-Former Kansas City Democrat Councilwoman Carol Coe
(Hearne Christopher, Jr., "Carol Coe's Advice For Missouri State Auditor Claire McCaskill," The Kansas City Star, August 26, 2005)


With friends like Delay...


Jesus H Christ, is it all Sam all the time down there? Is this a ploy to get people to sign up for your subscription service where you promise not to post 3 times a day on Brownback? Maybe you should start the 40 lashes daily for yourselves and leave the rest of us alone! Just how many Opus Dei cultists work at the Buzzblog, anyway?



We're just trying to get ready for another (well deserved) thrashing by the rest of the country for our contribution to politics, which is once again a neo-con / religious right politician with a mostly social agenda.

I don't know. On the one hand, Delay's endorsement could be the kiss of death because he's a national and not just local (Coe) clown. On the other hand, some Kansans probably think Delay would be much needed dazzle to that boring race. I mean, party conservatives did elect Kobach to the chairmanship, didn't they?


Why shouldn't Tom Delay endorse his friends Sam B. and Mike Huckabee, they all three have the same political and social mentality. So what if Tom is the only one far.

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