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February 02, 2007



Well, Tom Delay, from his position as a former congressman now under federal indictment, does endose BOTH Huckabee and Brownback, so maybe they are 'kindred spirits'. But, I think Huckabee is just sucking up, trying to say anything in an attempt to tie himself to someone known, to get people to know who he is. The real problem is, who knows who Brownback is?


I don't even remember Brownback campaigning here in Kansas for re-election to the Senate. And he didn't have to, obviously.

But now I'm starting to get negative email about how many votes he's missing in the Senate while he's off campaigning for president.


I have been out ill and have missed posting for a little while, but it sure looks like it is a long way to 2008 As a republican, I am not sure brownback or huckabee are my choice, but then it depends on who they are running against, if I have to choose...I would never vote for hillary and obama needs more experience although I find him charasmatic

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