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February 09, 2007


Ah, John Edwards always seems to want it BOTH ways. "Bad girls! But can you go ahead on that campaign stuff I asked you to do?"


Why won't the Buzz Blog just say that the Pelosi story is false?
"One of things that's seriously puzzling about the big news orgs, and the political media in particular, is that it's crowded with self-regarding professionals who presumably went into this racket because they had some sort of sense of themselves as wanting to become truth-seekers. Yet here they are in the grip of self-imposed conventions which dictate that you should be reluctant to say flat out that a story's false when it is in fact just that."


"Why won't the Buzz Blog just say that the Pelosi story is false?"

Because it isn't.

The story IS TRUE...

It is also overblown, and of little or no real consequence…

…and being played for everything it’s worth by…well by almost everyone.

Let this stand, once again, as a lesion for all about the media in general…first they set you up, higher than you deserve, then delight in tearing you down, lower than you (likely) deserve.

Old Drum

Tsquare, what aspect of the Pelosi story is true?

The Pelosi flap is as true as Al Gore saying he invented the internet.

Both of these stories are the result of a mainstream media that is too lazy and/or too scared to print: the right wing press LIES! The MSM is afraid of the calls from the dittoheads and Fox News watchers telling them they are too liberal. Reporting a story like this shows the MSM can criticize Democrats.

This story demonstrates how badly the mainstream media is in this country. Remember we went to war based on a set of lies. How few in the MSM reported that? How many in the MSM gushed at the speech Powell gave in the UN? Yet, even here in Missouri, it was obvious to me that Powell's speech lacked substance.

Now, pay attention to the Libby trial and what we are learning about the big names in our media.

Remember Molly Ivins got Iraq right even before the war began and she was not exactly on roledex in the Bush Administration.


Its true that the plane that Haslert used could not fly non-stop to California.

That's about it.

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