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February 08, 2007


attended the entire forum

Maybe first impressions wouldn't matter so much if spivak would have stayed at the forum for more than 10 mins.


..or maybe 10 minutes is all it took to realize no matter which way you turn, you're screwed.


Wow, a Glazer claiming he is something he's not? THAT'S a first!!

Is Kraske tired of forums? If so, pick someone other than the features fluff writer Spivak to attend. The neighborhood series was a joke!


The mayoral race is just how the city operates, you don't know anything about the workings of the city. You have alot of career politicans who want to take the next step on their quest to DC. And then you have a former auditor who knows the workings of the city at least finanically, who I think would be an ideal person for the job. Since the struggles that the city is going through, especially with the spending habits of City Hall,both recently with the Sprint Center and Power and Light District and the debt that we have acquired from the present and past city managers.


glazer...never made an honest cent in his life.
he has been one con after another.
but he's perfect for kansas city...a con man who's out to
rip off every penny from anyone stupid enough to give
him the keys to the cash register. My god...what has
kansas city become when this guy can even be taken
seriously. no


Yeah Brooks has repeated that line at every forum so far. The sad thing is-he has read it strait from his note cards every time! You would think by now he would have it memorized. Good call Spivak-ofcourse you would blindly have only good things to say about Brooks.


Hey Mr. Pitch:
Glad you finally made one of these forums. By my count, spivak's been to a half-dozen and horsley's been to several. Where's the Pitch been? Has it decided to take this election off?
Probably not Sexy enough.


Brooks could have been one of the candidates that didn't even show for the forum and people at the Star would still say he made an impression. This is absolutely ridiculous! His openeing statment is read directly from his cards in a very tired fashion. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!

Greg Logan

I agree with 07:14 AM. Mr. Spivak is obviously out-of-his-element when writing about the political scene. His evaluation of the candidates on their two minute presentation had a junior high school feel to it. Voters who have closely followed the mayoral race will know Mr. Spivak's impressions tell us nothing of value about the candidates and are simply the musings of "just another person" sitting in the audience.


Brooks poor mans jesse jackson !!!!
NAACP racist towards whites!!!

Mod Dem

Its nice to know what the Star columnists think, but what do the people think? Why hasn't the Star conducted a public opinion poll?

hey beupfront spivak showing up for 10 mins of half a dozen forums does not count for attending forums. He does voters a disservice by leaving before candidates that were unable to attend had their statements read or candidates that were going to be late arrived. His journalism style belongs back in junior high working for the school paper. It is rude to all 12 candidates to write stories on when you don't know the whole story


CJ Janovy from the pitch MODERATED one of the mayoral forums at UMKC. not sure how much more involvement you're looking for.

Craving a Real Newspaper

Spivak is a disgrace to a mediocre paper. What do you expect - a rag like the Star can't expect anything but C-level "journalists" like Spivak & Kraske.



Spivak - How can you report anything definitive on a forum when you only stay for the first 10 muinutes?

Nice reporting.

Gentle Ben

I wondered when The Star would drag out the phony innuendo against Glazer like they did when he ran against their pal Kay. For those that missed it, The Star did a big write-up on supposed charges that Stan had tried to pick up a hooker. They didn't find the charges, and Stan never went to court on the alleged charges, but it was enough for The Star to smear him with what certainly appeared to be completely false accusations.

That was during Art Brisbane's heyday and the Star isn't as bad now as it was then, but it's still nothing to shout about. What we need in KC is an honest and independent newspaper and we don't have one.


sounds like a lot of disgruntled political hacks out there.

Say What?

"Becky Nace and Mark Funkhouser: They meandered a bit and didn't hone in on any memorable slogans or points."

...maybe that's because Nace just got nailed on having direct ties to organized crime. That would throw me off, too. I mean, talk about a broad base of support - everything from right-wing radicals to mobsters like Anthony Simone. Not to mention having the slimiest man in Missouri as your campaign manager.

Pretty funny that she's talking smack about corruption on TV.

Check it out:
"Federal authorities contend the mob used this company’s [Necco's] office in 1973 as the headquarters for a multimillion-dollar bookmaking operation.

A federal jury convicted the company’s president, Anthony Simone, of gambling charges. Simone pleaded guilty to another federal charge in 1984 after authorities found him with coffee stolen from an interstate shipment.

Anthony Simone is the cousin of reputed mob lieutenant Peter J. Simone. Phil Simone is their uncle."

I don't know what Funkhouser's excuse is; maybe he should just let his poodle do all the talking from now on.

Say What?

Oh yeah I guess this makes Nace's police endorsement a little less credible, huh?


Words can't describe Kraske's lack of skill as a journalist. “Up To Date” on KCUR demonstrates his lack of depth in analysis. (word of advise - next time you profile high end chocolate don't discuss your love of Nestle Crackle - it makes you sound like a 6 year old and it is RUDE to small business people who devote their lives to high end culinary endeavors). Also, the question, "talk a little more about that" doesn't develop a story or invoke a response of interest from the interviewee. Kraske should listen to Terry Gross on Fresh Air where questions are well researched and on point. He should use that show to develop interview skills. Kansas City’s potential as a "happening" area is shackled by such ignorant two-dimensional commentary on interesting and important issues. This on-air lack on insight is what makes our city paper a joke.

I see a post about a dead person followed by ANOTHER post about the mayoral race. When are you guys going to being looking at the at-large council candidates. They have almost as much power as the Mayor and the ENTIRE city elects them. I am SO TIRED of all the boring mayoral coverage. Please tell me something I don't know - like who is the 3rd, 6th, or 4th district at-large council candidates. What are their plans? I'm voting in about 2 weeks and I have only a canned interview blurb in the paper to help me distinguish the candidates.

Why does this article still say that some candidates didn't show up, when they in fact they did?

Why is this article still wrong?????

John Boy

Pendergast for Mayor....He joins Carnahan as Senator.

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