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February 02, 2007


"Hockaday bristled at questions about financial motivations pushing the hospital relationships."

“The drumbeat of concern, perhaps even suspicion, that somehow this is a Jesse James bank robbery of funds in Kansas is just flat wrong,” he told reporters after the summit. “There is no such intent. There has never been such intent.”

Whoa. This the same Hockaday, who together with John and Ellen Goheen, got their hands slapped for some questionable deal involving, if I'm not mistaken, a KCMO bank. This was about two decades ago and there was a write up in The Kansas City Star. I've been unable to Google the article. Anybody?

KC Star online archives seem to start at 1991 and this incident predates that. We'll need an insider's help.

Gentle Ben

Two comments. Never trust a story that involves conservatives and Finn Bullers reporting. Secondly, take a look at the parties involved in the attempt to grab KU's major profit centers and then hold your nose, they'll make a bundle and the taxpayers will wind up picking up the tab for the leftovers.

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