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February 05, 2007



Better Dick Armey quote:
Q. You voted for the resolution to go to war.

A. I did, and I'm not happy about it. The resolution was a resolution that authorized the president to take that action if he deemed it necessary. Had I been more true to myself and the principles I believed in at the time, I would have openly opposed the whole adventure vocally and aggressively.
Yeah, right.

Mod Dem

We see a lot of references to campaign polling, but why hasn't the Star released an independent poll of the mayoral race yet?

They are pushing Brooks and want to place him in first place. Perhaps if they have done or would do a poll, Alvin would not be in first place.

I realize that they are going to be doing pieces on all the candidates, but inspite of that, there is a definite effort to not diminish him in any way.

There is no one who disagrees that he is a KC treasure. But not a mayor.

Drew Murphy

Brooks has TOTALLY got a big pass during this campaign. I give Steve Kraske credit for asking him my question, which was why the councilman left a mayoral debate early on 1/28. I never was going to vote for Brooks, but anyone who will seriously needs to think about it. He's a great man and citizen, but far from what we need in that office.

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