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February 06, 2007


funny story on Roe, too bad the personal story was left out, like, is he married, has a significant other, why no quotes from Ken Mehlman?


Kraske on Roe. I enjoyed this piece. I think Steve did a pretty thorough job. I found Nace's quote at the end to be the most telling. "You want the best". It speaks volumes about what some office seekers will do to get elected. If they believe that 'win at all costs' is the right strategy, then Roe's methods demonstrate success. Then you look at what his college PS intructor said about what he contends is Roe's total lack of ethics and morals, and it is up to those considering hiring Roe to set the tone. We know gamesmenship is part of the political process and both R&D's take shots at discrediting and negative campaigning. What this piece showed me and it was confirmed directly by Roe is that, at least for him and his organization, there is no room for moral or ethical considerations when it comes to winning. I don't know how you draw the line that is hard to define when it comes to campaigning, so I would urge the candidates themselves to do so. I would think that lying about an opponent would be a good starting point. Maybe full disclosure would help, but that's another forum topic. I am sure this article will generate much conversation about the state of campaign tactics. The difference for me is I would give Roe props for his success, but not my admiration. Difference without distinction? I would hope not.

Mod Dem

What's up with the Cauthen-bashing? Seems like the city is on the up-and-up. Seems like he should at least get some of the credit for that.


Jeff Roe is a master smear merchant, as we in Chris Moreno's campaign found out. But even with the racist and homophobic stuff JR threw at us, his uber-mensch Will Kraus LOST in the Raytown AND KC sections of the 48th district. The only reason Kraus got sent back to Jeff City is that the far-right came out in Lee's Summit to vote against Amendment 2. In an election where Kraus thought he was a shoo-in, he end up spending 70k to get the 670 votes he won by. Kraus gave Roe at least 10k this cycle (see the Ethics Commision reports for the total amount) but I guess Jeff just wasn't doing it for him, because late in the campaign Willie Boy switched to King Communications, a GOP outfit in Ohio (and we all know how Republicans roll in Ohio...) So yeah, if you're out to slime your opponent and win an election at the cost of your immortal soul, then Roe's your boy. He's won some races, but he's getting bad folks elected. Over the long haul, his Rovish type of politics is destroying the Grand Oily Party, so in his own twisted way he is actaully doing all of us a favor.

kevin collison = EDC

When has this guy ever written a full story on downtown? He keeps his pom poms in his car. Ready to break out in a cheer for dear old Kay.

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