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February 07, 2007


Mod Dem

"The Politico headlines a story: "GOP views Clinton as virtually unbeatable"

I doubt they really believe that. Its just their way of raising money. "Give us money or else Hillary will be President and your kids will be taught how to have sex in public schools, your kids will be forced to have gay marriages, and Christianity will be outlawed!"

Dang it...there on to us, Mod Dem


Ed Friedemann

The "ERA" is right up there with the "Patriot Act."

As a matter of fact it may have been the leading edge of the misrepresentation of bills or amendments, a way to "float a system" of lying about material facts and getting away with it.

Little by little I watched as the States wised up to what was really intended with that "whopper" and surrey to get their names off of the turd before in sank in the toilet bowl of bad ideas.

The "IRA" had a lot of things working for it, but "rights for Women" didn't even make the list.

I watched as State after State scurried to get their names off of that turd before it sank to the bottom of the toilet bowl of bad ideas.

Not unlike the "Patriot Act", it's better not to judge a book by its cover and to know the difference between a "terrorist" and someone just defending their home, their village, their country and most importantly their families.

Nothing could have gutted "women's rights" worse than the ERA.

Mike Hendricks, shame on you, you, of all people should know better...

Ed Friedemann


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