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February 07, 2007


Peace Marcher

He claims to be anti-surge yet he still votes pro war. Sam needs to learn that actions speak far louder than words.


Hey, at least when us Republicans use smear tactics we are accurate.

Real Republicans

So the swift boat tirade against John Kerry was accurate?

It was shameful.

And the Republicans will pay for years to come.

How many Republicans vets ran last year? One
How many Democrats? Over thirty.

The troops know who really supports the troops.


If we should know anything by now, it's that political smears do not have to be accurate. Ask Jeff Roe.

I like how at least one Repug attack offered a factually correct bit of information via push polling that actually planted a lie. Perfect example that a truthful statement can be used to tell a lie.

I don't remember the candidate's name (perhaps someone will) but basically the GOP push polled people and asked "Are you more inclined or less inclined to vote for _____(a white male candidate) given that he has an African American daughter born out of wedlock?" The whole story? The candidate DID have an African American daughter born out of wedlock but...he had his wife had adopted her from Bangladesh as I recall.

Accurate? Am a matter of semantics I suppose? Underhanded and reprehensible? I think so.


MoveOn lies?

Maybe we (you) need to re-understand the concept of "news"


1:06, if I'm not mistaken, that was McCain. And the poll was allegedly tied to G. W. Bush during the Republican Primary in 2000. I'm sure I'll be called out quickly if this is incorrect.


It was McCain and it was typical of the sleazy whisper campaign tactics Rove has become famous for. McCain confronted Bush about it and of course he claimed not knowledge or responsibility. Was the baby even from Africa? Funny, that this was enough to kill McCain's campaign in the South, but the family of Jesse Helm's illegitimate Black baby were selfless enough to keep it a secret until he died.

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