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February 07, 2007


Mod Dem

Why won't they support mass transit? NE Joco wants it, Annabeth Surbaugh wants it, its the auto lovin' Olatheans that are resisting.

Mod Olathean

Mod Dem,

That is hilarious. You reply to a post telling citizens about a public forum with their legislators with a statement that is totally irrelevant! State officials have nothing to do with Olathe citizens supporting mass transit!

So you think people in Olathe should support (and I presume ride) mass transit on a grander scale than what we currently have? Why would they?

Think about it. There is no way that mass transit stops can be close enough for everyone to walk to the stop. So, thousands of riders (becuase that's what it takes to make the system pay for itself) are going to get into their cars, drive to a massive parking lot or parking garage, walk up to the transit stop, ride it, then reverse the pattern to come home each day, of course taking said car to the grocery store, etc. to run errands after they get off the bus or train.

And what do they get for all this hassle? No time savings, maybe 10-15 minutes to read the paper (tried that in DC on the subway, not exactly relaxing that's for sure), probably save a $1 or $2 on gas each week over the price of the fare. It's just not worth it, nor is it worth having the government subsidize it, at least not in this part of the country with the population density we have in the metro area.

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