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February 09, 2007



Harriett Woods will be remembered as a great Missourian. May she rest in peace.

richard Martin

Great lady. I am glad she lived to see Missouri elect a woman to the United States Senate. She deserved that. God Bless her and I will miss her.

Jan Marcason

The local and national Women's Political Caucus owes a debt of gratitude to Harriett Woods. She was an inspiration to so many women and men. We mourn the passing of our courageous trailblazers and celebrate the younger women they have inspired to public service.

I Walter Jones

God has a place for Harrtett Woods. We need more honest Americans like Harriett who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk. Her actions spoke for her.



She was an inspiration to generations of women politicians. She showed the way for many of us and those of us who have had an easier time running for political office should never forget the sacrifices, women like Harriett made, for the rest of us. God bless her and her family. She will be missed.


To honor her memory properly, we should all add our names as potential bone marrow donors. There many ways to do this, but here is at least one such avenue:

My nephew survived a very aggressive form of pre-adult leukemia about ten years or so ago only because of bone marrow donated by his big sister.

From all accounts, Harriett Woods did much to leave the world a better place than when she entered it. We should all aspire to do as well.


Anybody wonder where she might be had she stuck with that "crying farmer" spot in the Bond Senate race ???


Thanks for the link, my favorite charity. My best friends daughter needed a bone marrow transplant. Wonderful orginization.


I didn't agree with Governor Woods at all politically, and thought she took some cheap shots at John AShcroft when he was up for confirmation of AG in 2001, but I did respect her beliefs and found her to be someone who was geniune in what she belived. I jsut wished she wasn't so hateful to republicans like she was.


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