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February 08, 2007


Please tell me the taxpayers didn't pay for this!

Yet another self-agrandizing piece of "art" - and I use the term loosely. Did they consult with Shields on this one?


Get over it. She was the 28th first lady to be painted.

Now the real question should be... Had McCaskill won, would her husband have been painted?

A "mansion" in the 21st century is an anachronism. Why don't we arrange a lease on a high-rise condo for the gov and family? The old house culd be handed over to the museum.

I wish she had worn that snowball outfit she wore for his inauguration!

I hope she enjoys the slightly less than 2 years it will hang in the governor's residence (it's not really a mansion).


Why did they have her pose whilst sitting on a tack?

She appears to be in pain.


"Please tell me the taxpayers didn't pay for this!"

Okay, they don't.

"She appears to be in pain."

Must have had MSNBC on for her to see...

If it is hung in the residence.. will she ever see it?? I've heard she does not stay there and makes Blunt commute and his mom is staying at the residence...

Oh my I want the taxpayer money back!


Portraits of past occupiers of the Governors residence are part of our State's history. Someday she may qualify for the honour should she chose to actually live in Jeff City. Her window of opportunity is closing fast. She will go the way of Lori Holden, another temporary lady.

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