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February 08, 2007


JoCo Mom

It's a shame Nancy Boyda hasn't gotten a clue that Military bases are important to our Kansas economy. I heard her husband attended the meetings for her trying to defend her- she didn't even have staff there. Bottom line, she voted against funding for our KS Military bases!


"Bottom line, she voted against funding for our KS Military bases!"

Which military funding bill did she vote against? I can't find anything obvious in her voting record so could you let me know which bill you are referring to? Thanks!


Ahhhh, the Star, reliable mouthpiece of the talking points of government officials. No attempt to present the other side's case, nary a single quote. A partisan, one-sided hack job.

Heads up Goldstein, but some people think the US government is running a deficit and that we ought to cut pork. You wouldn't want any quotes from them in your report, though, because that's not your belief, is it?
This article,, is representative. Matt Stearns takes the entire article to pound home his point that if you eliminate spending it's very, very bad. Then he buries one quote from Sen. DeMint that is not even really addressing his point, because he can't stand to be intellectually honest.

Come on guys, do you job. Get a real quote from DeMint or Coburn or McCain or the Club For Growth on these issues and try to present an opposing viewpoint. Is that too much to ask?

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