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February 05, 2007


I think the people of the 4th district will pay attention and see that Deth Im is by far the superior candidate....I can't be bought.

Getting 150 people to city council fundraiser is a major accomplishment. I'd bet few (if any) of the mayor candidates have drawn that many people to an event.


I thought this was worth writing about too. That's why I posted the same topic with a far more mean spin on my blog.

Here's the link with a few of the mean folks I love on my comment board weighing in on the discussion:



Beth has worked for and supported a flurry of candidates and the democratic party. Now she is running and I am amazed at the jealousy level out their. Nothing against the other candidates but she is a proven fighter for her district and deserves your vote.

I wrote this in an earlier post, but will say it again: I personally know Beth Gottstein and she has certainly worked hard for many non-profit and social service groups over the years. However, I was very surprised to learn she was planning to run for city council. Beth is not a leader, has a very thin skin, is easily stressed, isn't at all knowledgeable of how the city works and is too insulated from the majority of KCMO residents to be any help at city hall.

If you're considering voting for Beth, go listen to her at a forum, or give her a call. I don't think most of the comments on these blogs are based on jealousy, or lack of respect for the work Beth has done. What I think they do indicate is a huge amount of concern. They're based on the fact that Beth's experience, background and personality will not result in a productive council member. Don't vote for Beth based on her resume or her contacts.

John Burns

The unusually vicious attacks on this blog on Beth Gottstein by Mr. Im's supporters seem almost sadistic. Am I the only person to notice this? This is just the kind of very negative politics most voters would like to see less of, but unfortunately Mr. Im and his crowd don't seem to get the message. One thing for sure, I will not be voting for Deth Im. This is a City Council seat for heaven's sake. Show a little class and stop acting like Katheryn Shields' people.

John - I wrote the post at 8:07, and I'm not a Deth supporter. I haven't decided yet who to vote for in this race. I think vicious is too harsh a word for most of the posts I've read about Beth. When an individual decides to run for a city countil position, financed with OUR tax dollars, and with authority to spend OUR tax dollars, I don't believe that it is wrong to discuss their leadership ability. I know Beth well, and respect the volunteer work she has done. But Beth is not a leader, and in my opinion would be completely unproductive as a council member. I'm not trying to push my opinion on anyone else. I am just trying to alert anyone who wants to make an informed decision in this race, to rely on more than Beth's resume and contacts.

Deth in the 4th

John, as a supporter of Deth, I feel it is my responsibility, as many of his other supports do, to point out the stark differences between Deth and the other candidates for 4th District At Large. We in no way condone any attack on anyone's age or religion, but when the there is such a contrast in terms of leadership skills, enthusiasm, charisma, and knowledge of the issues as there is in this particular race, I feel compelled to make the point in this public forum. Now surely you wouldn’t be so short sighted as to make a decision as important as who will lead out city based on the postings of a bunch of political bloggers. I encourage you to attend one of the Council Forums and judge for yourself…I think you’ll find the difference is quite clear.

Rowland is backing Im? That's all I need to know. Anybody but Deth. Rowland needs to stop pitching rocks in that glass house of his.

10th Ward Sage

Looks like would-be Kansas City Political Boss Jolie Justus is trying to consolidate her power in another area of politics. I don't know the candidate with the foreign name, but I do know Senator JJ's lust for power based on her campaign last summer.

It is also interesting to notice that Senator JJ has put her campaign manager and her former campaign office landlord as the head of Fast-Al Reiderer's campaign, and low and behold, Reiderer is handed the endorsement of the For Freedom Gay Democratic Club. Must have just been magic.

The For Freedom Gay group makes up Senator Justus's base. Wait and see if Reiderer is not named Goddess of Love at a political Valentine party at the Gay club Bar Natasha on Saturday.

Justus is putting her operatives with Reiderer. Does anyone know if Boss JJ has formally endorsed Reiderer yet? I know Funkhouser wanted her endorsement and she SAYS she is out of the race. Did Justus tell a fib to the Funkman? This does not look like staying out to me.


Leadership would be more important if we were talking about the Mayoral race. Council positions are more about consensus and coalition building. The perfect councilperson would be able to work with both sides on an issue. There, I think Beth's resume looks excellent. Her background is very diverse and her commitment to doing it right is obvious. You know, we can't all be Abe Lincoln but Lincoln had a full team of detail people who made him look good. Beth is that kind of person. Her voice on Council could go a long way to healing the rifts no one likes to talk about.

John Burns

To 8:31 PM - Anyone reading the comments from "DethSupporter" on the Feb. 2, 2007, entry about Freedom Endorsements will clearly recognize anti-Semitism. For you to say these anti-Semitic comments were not vicious tells us something about you perhaps. I was truly offended when I read those comments and I'm not Jewish. Imagine how Ms. Gottstein must have felt if she read that. While those particular comments where from one person, the other negative comments about Ms. Gottstein seem, at least to me, to be particularly harsh. I prefer a politician to tell me why he/she is the best candidate. One thing to keep in mind: negative, personal attacks don't always work.

I agree with Shirley. For years, Beth Gottstein has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to improve Kansas City. Her efforts have been met with great success. Obviously, there are some (including her opponents) who are envious of Beth's success.


Go Beth!

Deth Im

During my campaign for 4th District At Large City Council, I have taken political blog comments, particularly those posted anonymously, with a grain of salt. However, I have become particularly alarmed over the last few days to read blog postings that attribute negative personal attacks on my opponents to my campaign. As a result, I feel compelled to clear the air and publicly state that I DO NOT condone this type of behavior and anyone who participates in attacking any of my opponents in this manner should look for another candidate to support.

Last year when I started assembling people to help me with my campaign, I made it very clear to everyone that negative tactics would have no place in my campaign. It distresses me to see people's names and character disparaged because these types of character attacks are simply things that I would never say.

So for the individuals who feel it is okay to anonymously attempt to discredit any of the candidates in the 4th at-large race, please stop. Have respect for the voter's ability to meet the candidates, form their own opinion and vote their conscience on election day.

To those who read these blogs, I encourage you to learn as much as possible about each of the candidates. Although there are many differences between us, the one thing we all have in common is the desire to make Kansas City a better place. Let your decisions be based on the merits of the individual candidates, not on the anonymous postings of political bloggers.

Deth Im

Council positions have one vote each. Just like the mayor. There are only two council positions for each district. We need two leaders representing the 4th district on the city council. And yes, they need consensus building skills as well. Does Beth have that? Not that I've ever seen. You made my point well - Beth's resume looks excellent. But no one gets hired based on their resume along. There is an interview. Go to the forum and listen. You cannot determine someone's interpersonal skills, stability, passion, excitement, charisma, or knowledge from a piece of paper. If you care about good government, take the time to "interview" the candidate.

Deth - You disclaim negative campaiging, and yet your supporters spout nothing but negative (and, in some cases, anti-semitic) lies about Ms. Gottstein. Does the type of supporters that you attract not say something about you?

In Deth's defense, how can he be held responsible for the anonymous comments of some ignorant hate-filled individual or individuals? To suggest otherwise...or to blame equally ignorant. Although blogs are great because they encourage debate tand he free exchange of ideas, they also allow small weak people to hide while the disparage and tear down others.

Cyrilla the Source

Give me a break Deth. Your supporters have been ALL OVER the BLOGS spewing anti-semitic remarks intended to support your candidacy for the last 30 days, and this is your FIRST "attempt" to condemn those remarks. Save is the routine and give me a break. I don't appreciate your sleazy brand of politics, and it's people like you that give politicians a bad name. You sir, are a first class ass.

P.S. - There are 4 votes in my home from the 4th that WON'T be going to the esteemed Mr. Im.

This behavior makes me sick. Just sick. I wonder how Deth and his family would feel if we were all making fun of his heritage. Perhaps then he would have found the time to have issued his "condemnation" of bigotry a tad sooner. Too little too late. The guy is playing racial politics, and his type of campaign deserves to be repudiated at the polls. I hope the voters can see through his antics, and see what he really is, a bigot.

A colleague of Deth's for the past six years

Deth Im is one of the most decent and ethical people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Anyone who has ever met him or taken the time to talk to him would know that and will see through these hateful comments. Grow up.

9:45, 9:52, and 9:57 - it is so obvious that you're the same person posting...if you feel so strongly why don't you give your real name...loser.

You want to talk about hateful?! Have you read that idiot's posts? Hate is spewing form him, not Beth. You guys need to pull your heads out and get a clue.

wait a minute

The idea that Deth Im would in any way condone disparaging anyone based on religion, ethnicity, age, or race is ridiculous. I'm angry about the assault on his character. Judging him based on what some anonymous idiots say on a blog is silly. I hope Beth comes to Im's defense and tells those trying to ruin his reputation based on untrue accusations that they are out of line and she does not want their vote.

John Burns

The last time I remember a candidate posting on these blogs to tell us he was not responsible for negative, personal attacks from his supporters? Yes, it was Charlie Wheeler back in August. What did he get, 29% of the vote? Its easy for Mr. Im to say he doesn't condone this kind of campaigning, but its another matter to know how many of us think he is telling the truth. At this point, I'm not sure what to believe.

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