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February 06, 2007



God speed toad woman. The sooner the trial, the sooner the punishment.


Nice - Shields tossed Philbo under the bus.

Greg Logan

Is there a chance that Katheryn Shields' case goes to trial in the next 3 weeks? No. Today's press conference was obviously "staged" for political gain. Pathetic. Even if she is not convicted, does Shields honestly think voters will accept her explanation about the home sale? This house had been on the market for over a year, and all of a sudden someone offers double the asking price. Shields and her husband see nothing amiss. This is just another of her many shady deals. Katheryn Shields is a disgrace and represents everything voters do not want in a political leader.

Sean Spence

Um, anyone ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?


Sure we have Shawn. And pigs may fly out of my butt.

"Um, anyone ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?"

Um, the court of public opinion has nothing to do with the court of law. Any educated person who has followed the tainted career of Shields knows she is guilty. She can't play the innocent victim card on this one. Cinderella's magic real estate fairies did not swoop down and suddenly transform the Shields' pumpkin home to a beautiful castle worth twice the asking price.

"Shields has pleaded not guilty..."

So did Frozen Concentrate, and we ALL KNOW he is guilty. What else would one expect from the guilty party? She NEVER admits to wrong doing. Hey, the jails and prisons are filled to the brim with "innocent" criminals.


Absolutely innocent for now, no question. However, she does not get to make the system work differerently for her just because she wants to be Mayor.

Having said that, her "public" defense amounts to nothing more than 'the others did more bad stuff than me'. Hope that works for her in court.

"asked that the trial begin either Monday or 'the earliest possible trial date.' "

What??? Yet again, Katheryn the Grate thinks there is one set of rules for the rest of us on one hand and on the other hand there is whatever she wants.


If Shields is an innocent victim in this mess why hasn't she filed a cross-claim against her co-defendants? Do any lawyer-types have an answer for me?

So sad.


MissSpider - To answer your question. She cannot. The accused in a criminal case cannot file a counterclaim or cross-claim against the government or any co-defendants.


If Miss Piggy and her sidekick Philbo are innocent I am the King of England. She has been bending the rules her entire career and this is just another sickening example of that. How can anyone belive her or her husband. I am sure the son and daughter in law of a past KC Mafia assasin are completely "Innocent". Ahhhh Katherine always playing the victim card. At this point your deck of these has run out and hopefully the nail in your coffin to get out of politics in KC and for that matter out of our city.


Through the looking glass goes the 'Queen of Hearts'. If she plays her cards right, she will not bleed to death. Katheryn has created plenty of victims in her public life and it now in her 'private life' she can explore every aspect of victimization.
Every 'good lawyer' knows public opinion will convict a public official but the courts will protect one of their own. So sad for her that there is such a large pool of her victims to sit on the jury. No matter, whatever the court may find, no vote will change based upon its ruling.

Give me a break!

I am amazed at the gall of Shields to continue her campaign. Even if we gave her the benefit of the doubt and said she was innocent, why would any woman announce her bid for election AFTER she's been filed against? To have campaign adds running immediately following updates on her inditement are an obvious testimony to the arrogance of this woman- the same type of arrogance that would lead her to believe she could get away with mortgage fraud. just a tought....

I'm sure each one of you who has used derogatory terms to describe Katheryn's appearance are so beautiful that no one would ever say you have a big old fat butt or buck teeth or stringy hair (if you have any at all). I find the denegration of a person's physical appearance because you don't like that person to be childish and unnecessary. Is it because you are immature or do you lack the language skills to get your point across without stooping to this level?

I would imagine if you could not remain anonymous that you would tone down your rhetoric, but then again maybe you are just malicious and hateful.

Get a life!

5:53, Gloria Fisher, is that you?

i guess shields must think that president bush has nothing esle to do except go after her and phil

John Kerr

The anonymous moron wrote: "Hey, the jails and prisons are filled to the brim with "innocent" criminals." I used to think like this guy...til someone I care about was steamrollered by federal agents with too much power, too much ambition and an underdeveloped concept of justice. Actually, Mr. Know-it-all, before DNA testing, the death rows of America were significantly populated with the "innocent" condemned.

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