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February 11, 2007


Funkhouser??? Doom and gloom for the next four years???


Way to go Yael.

sandra repass

Best endorsement of the season. Mark is all those things and more. He will make a fine mayor.

This was the editorial board's endorsement and all have shown great care of thought and attention to what Funk was saying. He has surrounded himself with loyal people who understand the issues at stake and the solutions to what we are facing in the next several years.

This endorsement comes after a thorough vetting of the candidates by the editorial board, the accumulation of information from multiple sources--and in the end, the belief that Mark Funkhouser can best do the city's business.

Thorough vetting of candidates? That would need to be proved, because during the 2006 elections, there were multiple candidates (Democrat and Republican) that were not interviewed but the incumbent was and you can guess who received the endorsement...

How about this for a reform ticket, Sanders in the Exec's office (another good story today on his working to reform the old county), and the Funk as Mayor. Now THAT would be a team that would clean this city up. The Funk and Sanders.


Don't forget, the editorial board announcement appears in the OPINION section for a reason. Yael's been in love with Funk since the beginning. There are no surprises here.

Yay Funk!

Fairfield for Mayor

Fairfield for dog catcher


Great picture too. Wacthing Ruckus replayed this morning was quite funny given the endorsement. Yael neednt be embarassed by this, he should be proud.

Does anyone have the Star's win/loss record on editorial endorsements?


Who did they pick in 1999?


How can the liberal Star endorse a guy who thinks the city should eliminate funding to Children's Mercy and Truman Medical Center.


Awesome, the Star finally endorsed a Republican!

Good for Funkhouser. I'm glad we finally have a serious mayoral candidate who believes in privatizing city services (even though he doesn't mention it much any more) and is willing to tell the truth that our schools are just fine. People need to stop whining about them. Go Funk!

Political Moderate

Interesting that we haven't seen a single person raise the flag about Steve Kraske's report on Jay Nixon and Ameren.
I certainly hope there is considerable follow-up on this article in the days ahead.
Jay Nixon has the extraordinary advantage in the next gubernatorial contest. He likely could wipe the floor with Blunt's butt.
He won't, if he engaged in this type of two-faced politics. If forced, I'd be forced to go with Blunt.
Yikes, did I really say that?
Says a lot about Missouri politics.

Didn't they choose Blackwood back in 99?

Does anyone know whether Funkhouser violated the federal Animal Welfare Act in producing his dog ad? Did he register as an exhibitor? Reading the Humane Society guidelines regarding use of animals in films/tv/etc. would seem to indicate registration is required. Says the act covers most animal uses on film/tv/etc.


It would take a lot more than that to get me to vote for Blunt. Heck, Claire is much more corrupt and I voted for her instead of Blunt. And it sounds a little conspiritorial to me.

Political Moderate

But craig...IF this story is correct, about Nixon, doesn't he rise to the top of the grease in the slime pit of Missouri politics???

Even stranger that no one mentioned or is offended by the "veiled" bonuses paid to certain county employees. Not only didn't the public know, but I would wager that most county employees didn't know.

So, I guess budget deficits only apply to employees who legitimately obtained their employment, not to those who got their jobs as political paybacks.

Way to go Rizzo, Burnett, Tarwater, et al., way to go Sanders!! I hope you all are embarrassed by your less than transparent government. Hopefully, the Star will start dribbling out more of the behind the scenes goings on of the annointed and appointed ones.


Federal Animal Welfare Act? Wow 4:29, either you are digging deep or you are offering some light hearted sarcasm.

Why isn't the Star's Funkhouser endorsement a headline of its own? We can headline Reiderer's goofey position points and Glazers Ferris Wheel but not this? I'm just curious.

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