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February 12, 2007


Looks like Funkhouser already got a big wet Valentine's Day kiss from The Star. Why the endorsement before the primary or the eventual run off?

That's our Gloria!! She's a gem and about as good as it gets for any husband, father, sweetheart.....and soon to be Mayor.

That's what we admire and love most about both Mark and Gloria--what you see is what you get....REAL people!!

She doesn't need flowers, chocolates or diamonds on Valentine's Day--but it would be awfully nice to be surprised by any or all of the above mentioned...

You rock girl!! Geronimo!!

I was hoping for an "open thread" topic, but his is just as good since it is about the FUNK.

Today is the birthday of a very special President..Abe Lincoln. I have yet to see anything mentioned, but in thinking about Mark, I am reminded of Pres. Lincoln. The most striking similarity is of course the physical characteristics that they share. Everytime I look at Mark I cannot help but think of the dramatic impact that Lincoln made in our nation's history. There is something very imposing about both. A gentleness that is unspoken that reaches across the personal divide that separates so many of us--one from the other. Mark offers a promise for change in our city. One that embraces all neighborhoods, all cultures and those most economically challenged by the circumstances of their birth.

I believe that Mark sincerely wants to make a difference in our community, not for just a few, but for all of us. He stands head and shoulders above the crowd, and as he is showing by the "numbers" he is beating odds that make seasoned politicians shake their heads in wonder. It may not be by candle light that he reads, or the humbling that occurs when bending to shake the hand of my aged grandmother in a is the hope, our hope that nourishes his determination. There is something that is carrying this campaign he is waging, this is the destiny once again of a man who saw something that most never dream.

Bubba Lowmaigne

First: Is DeeAnn Smith trying to beef up her resume for the tabloids? If so, it ain't workin'. Maybe she oughta get back into a minor, maybe dogwatch beat for the overly think Metro section.

Second: Mark Funkhouser for Mayor.

With a nod to Joe MIller . . .

"I can't resist chiming in on this one because the pro-[Funk]comments here are so corny and obviously staged. I know other folks have pointed that out, but these are SOOOO bad i can't keep my mouth shut. My sense is that it does a disservice to your cause to arrogantly hop on a blog and post grammatically perfect PollyAnnish "Golly gee he's a good guy!" tripe. It just makes it all the more clear that you and your candidate are completely out of touch with regular folks. It's like walking into Kelly's in a tuxedo or an evening gown, ordering a snifter of brandy and dishing out pick up lines in King's English. In other words, you'll never get what you came for so long as you're totally uncool."


Sounds like DeAnn would like to be married to him, too.

Well this old Aunt Polly is heading to the beauty parlor to get an uncool updo and I will get back with you in a bit.

I'm in Wichita at the moment and not too sure about this Joe Miller dude, but I can tell you that like Funk, Polly Anna ended up winning the hearts and minds of the town and made great changes.

As for Kelly's and an evening gown, I've done that in my day...maybe Mark can help make me cool...don't assume too say a whole lot more about yourself with your comments.


That is the most ridiculous post I have ever read on a Blog. I thought mark was about substance, and this is what they put out. This and the poodle make this guy a joke.

Screeching Monkey

This has got to be the weirdest BuzzBlog post ever. Must be a slow news day.

Ain't democracy great?

Ain't democracy great?


I agree w Jack. THis is all an embarassment.

Media Guru

What's he getting the dog from the commercial?


This crew of blog hacks from the Funk camp is embarrassing. The only reason the "Star" continues to love on him is because of the Yael connection. I wonder what Funk is getting him for Valentines Day as payback for all the pub and positive spin. I am sorry DeAnn I normally agree with your postings but this one is a stretch and shows how slow we are for news. How about digging up more details for people concerning Fairfields domestic case, or how Funk would be not so development friendly (thus hurting the tax base and jobs), or better yet how Riederers campaign is running and hoping to win so he can give Katheryn a job after she loses.



you have brought up this Riederer/Shields connection before. If Shields wanted Riederer to give her a job if he wins, why didnt she drop out of the mayor's race when he got in? If your claim is true, then she is only taking votes from Riederer.

sounds like you are just making something up to bash Riederer.


HAHA I love it, you campaign workers are hilarious. Can't stand the fact that any sotires about Funk are positive? Hmmmm any story about Reidererer turns into a bash fest due to his Sheilds ties and endorsement troubles. Any story about Nace will only lead to bashing her, her mob ties and Roe problem. You guys are so upset that there is nothing negative to rag on Funk about. Keep digging while your candidates slowly sink into irrelevance.

Your Pal

Making things up?

On the Buzz Blog?




To answer the first person. Katherine has a long history of never backing down i.e. Fed Indictment is one recent example. She won't back down but secretly she knows that she is doomed as a candidate. CMR to respond to your assertion that there is nothing negative on Funk....I would say you are drinking the Funky Kool-Aid from the double wide again. Funkhouser may not have an illegal controversy hanging over his head but he does have issues that hurt him politically as a candidate. He is seen in the developement community as ANTI-TIF and ANTI-DEVELOPMENT. A mayor is supposed to be pro-business and pro-develpment for building the city and tax base. I also disagree with his some of his other budgetary cuts that in my opinion hurt this city.

I think a mayor should be PRO-CITIZEN. Besides I would hardly call putting money into the pockets of development attorneys that support your campaign a good thing for the city, which is what being pro-development has come to mean in Kansas City.

The Star's endorsement on Sunday and then this article by DeAnn on Mark's wife have most certainly painted a target, oops, a heart on Funk's back.

What a pathetic statement by some of you who find that a positive article could cause such a dust up of mean spiritedness. What a bunch of sad sacks.




I think that is the first time I have ever agreed with you.

I would only argue you can support development and support neighborhood services. They are not mutually exclusive as funkhouser would have you believe.

Also, if funkhouser is Pro-Citizen, how does one explain his call for eliminating funding for Children's Mercy, Truman, the parks department and trash pick up?

Funkhouser is neither anti-tif or anti-development. Get off this old nag and find a better pony to ride. Anyone who bothers to pay attention to what he is saying, familiarized themselves with the financial issues, and were looking into the future, they would know what he is saying.

How can you be Pro-Citizen as the funketes claim if he wants to cut funding for Children's Mercy. Seems to me that cutting funding to our children and future is the complete opposite of Pro-Citizen. And if anyone would bother to read Doom and Gloom's audits they would know what he actually believes and how he wants to stop all improvements to this wonderful city.

I think the people posting on this blog think the voters are not smart enough to search beyond the sound bites. "Funk is anti development" "Funk is cutting funding to our children." Please. Those sound bites don't work in our city where the voters are generally intelligent and well informed.
If voters would just ask themselves "why would he that?" they would realize that there's a lot of substance behind Funkhouser's ideas and that it takes a lot of guts to put those ideas out there.
Go Funk . . . have no fear.

Because Funk has the audacity to challenge the status quo in this city, to challenge the business as usual crowd, to stop the hemorrhaging--he is being attacked by the spinners, the operators, the handlers of the other candidates.

The steady drum beat will continue until Feb 27 with ignorant statements by the opponents as to his intentions, his positions on the issues.

He's withstood the haranguing of players more strident then these naysayers commenting here, and stayed the course.

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