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May 04, 2006



I remember similar efforts in introducing a code of conduct, and ethics into employee training in Kansas. It included the same ambiguous wording such as "should not" instead of "shall not", no mention of penalities, and the very document was not for release to the public. Who knows, maybe there are good intentions behind it, but my experience with politicians is that when there are obvious holes in any effort, they are almost always with intent.

Todd Elkins

I'm unclear if the governor is covered himself under this policy. Also--could one accept gifts from non-lobbyists (such as the corporations that lobbyist represent)? What gifts/meals from about political parties or PACs?

What seems strange is the type of gifts the governor is talking about are exactly the the things widely accepted by his father--Rep. Roy Blunt. Does Matt Blunt believe that any other elected official should adopt his rules? Why doesn't he introduce legislation that would require all elected officials in Missouri to uphold this standard?

It is strange that Blunt has focused on one of the ethical areas that he is not under attack for. The nasty thing about ethics reform is that it needs to be comprehensive--campaign contributions, patronage positions, etc. Also, it is appropriate for state lawmakers, then it should apply to the Federal lawmakers as well.


This is a very tiny and insignificant gesture (smoke screen). It won't work. Disclosure reports show that in the last month, Governor Blunt himself has accepted two lunches valued at $143.00 and a $50.00 gift. All from registered lobbyists.

If they've been planning this since they took office, was the Governor just trying to pack in as much unethical behavior as possible before the rule book came out?

Todd Elkins

KnowledgableDemocrat--It might be a smokescreen, but I don't think it is insignificant. I think it is a good start to the conversation. Some lawmaker needs to step-up though and propose some comprehensive reform.

It makes me wonder though. For a state rep making $30,000 those free meals are a nice perk for a group that almost never will have a chance at a pay raise. What is the salary range in the governor's office I wonder? Do they have an expense account that could cover meals, maybe not the $143 ticket, but a $20 dinner?


Dude, the meals are a distraction. The Governor's cronies are making thousands of dollars off of a pay-to-play fee office scheme. Lobbyists fly the governor around the country free of charge. They keep him from having to raise $ to campaign b/c they provide the transportation, they line the pockets of his brother and sister (registered lobbyists) for lobbying their own brother.

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