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June 23, 2006



Do those hate mongers Coulter, Limbaugh and O'Reilly have blogs. No, they began this "crudity, character-assassination, and emotional stupefaction" on the radio, TV and in books. Usually in order to determine how we got where we are is to see how we began.

Ed Friedemann

The Israelis confiscated large blocks of property with homes in East Jerusalem from Palestinians, without any compensation whatsoever, and not one word of that was mention in any part of the American MSM.

And maybe you think whatever that is, that is currently occupying Congress and the White House is an example of What?

You've got some nerve.

Ed Friedemann

Just in case you missed it. The removal of a few house trailers called outposts, helps to conceal this:


Provocative? How about completely out to lunch. TNR has been on the receiving end of some blog criticism lately and they are simply hitting back - and below the belt. Anyone who believes that liberal bloggers demand ideological purity from Democrats doesn't read them enough to know better. Blogger Atrios had a quick response to this: "TNR turns into the Onion."

Ed Friedemann

{ Ed: The Bush administration didn't cough this up until they got caught }:

"Disclosure of the program comes on the heels of intense controversy over President Bush's ordering of National Security Agency surveillance of telephone calls and e-mails of private citizens."

"Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., co-chairman of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, said Friday there were disturbing similarities between the two programs."

"Like the domestic surveillance program exposed last December, the Bush administration's efforts to tap into the financial records of thousands of Americans appear to rely on justifications concocted without regard to current law," Markey said in a statement."

"However, Republicans defended the effort. Senate Republican leader Bill Frist of Tennessee had been briefed on the program and had "full confidence in the effectiveness of, and the legal authority for, this vital anti-terrorism tool," said Frist spokeswoman Amy Call."

Ed: Anti-Terrorism tool? My foot....


"Populist crudity, character-assassination, and emotional stupefaction"? Is Siegel implying that gay bashing, flag-burning hysteria, libel of immigrants and shove-my-faith-down-your-throat politics are a consequence of blogs?

Spare me.


I visited "The Source" today. They had a very....bad fictional story about Claire McCaskill. I especially like the part where the [big boned] author takes a rip at Claire for her light workout. Anyway, I, among others, posted some comments about the quality of "The Source" and the stories they run with. My comment is still up there, but some of the others have been removed. I feel that deleting comments that are critical, but not offensive, takes away credibility. What do you think?

Ed Friedemann

Siegel is implying that we are crude, and let's face it. One of us will probably stoop to referring to him shortly as being a turd. Of course, I won't stoop to call that bastard anything, which he's not. I've got class.

Unholy Moses

A few points:

1. "Fascist"? I don't think that word means what Siegel thinks it means.

2. I will, however, agree that is can be crude, characters are assassinated, and emotional stupefaction takes place. Hell, I do all three on my blog pretty much every week :-) (Well ... at least when it's not flaking out on me.)

3. For anyone to criticize the left for being crass, rude, etc., they may want to go back to the mid-90s when Rush and Coulter and Malkin and all the others on the right started to get noticed. Those three (and several others) were the modern day founders of lowering our nation's political discourse to a level where truth is irrelevant. Because of them, those who are able to shout their ideological obscenities the loudest are the ones who get noticed. The blogosphere is just a part of that legacy (for better or worse).

4. As far as some on the left bashing those who aren't "ideologically pure" ... well, I know of at least two former Kossacks who were banned for daring to criticize the Democratic Party. While Markos can do whatever the hell he wants with his site, the fact is he is now inside the gates he wants others to crash has changed the way he runs the place. It's his bread and butter now, and he doesn't want to piss off the power players (Reid, Lamont, et al) lest he lose access. So, yes, it has happened.

Anyway ... just some thoughts. I'm sure Ed will be on here soon with about 7 posts that have nothing to do with anything posted anywhere. ;-)

Ed Friedemann

History may record what might seem a strange footnote in which a small group of Arab fighters awoke an American spirit of self-determination. Although hopelessly outnumbered they held their ground, their line in the sand and not only saving their country from the overwhelming force of the most powerful nation in the world, but saving its shared spirit as well.
That powerful country had lost its way, but became the standard-bearer for peace and justice as a result of an example set by those self-sacrificing fighters.

Through the years a monument still stands there built by Americans.



Ed Friedemann

This "Terrorism" crap is getting old. There is no such thing. All we're doing is encouraging some crazies to blow something up. If we gave robbing Department Stores this much advertising, there would be a rash of robberies on Department Stores. This is nothing more than a money, power grabbing thing.

That's it period.

Now, Bushco has giving himself the power to clean-out Bank Accounts worldwide, on the pretext of "terrorism."

No proof needed. This boy is dangerous.

Old Drum

It sure is interesting to think that Ed Lamont, a candidate NOT endorsed by the official Democratic party, is a "power" player.

DailyKos is a site to promote the Democratic Party. I have no idea the reference to the people cited, but there is not a lot of tolerance for supporters of the Green Party.

Ed Friedemann

It's been Cheney all along, but somehow I guess I didn't want to believe it. I always thought he was a loyal American. That's the way I wanted it to be. He got passed me. I liked the guy. That's gone.


Here's a real budding Fascist:

What about the Daily Show, Fox, New York Times, or DailyKOS effect?


More on the KOS kids at LGF.

Is Friedman a shill for the republicans? Characterizing murderous terrorists who killed 3000 Americans as "Arab Fighters" is the best advertisement I know of not to vote democratic. You obviously can't trust them with the countrie's security.

Ed Friedemann

The Dark Side

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