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June 29, 2006


KS Tres

Kline critics talk about how he has not courtroom experience. This should take that argument away once and for all. As for spending money on "coaching" or advice from folks who have argued before the court, I'd say that is a wise decision. If Morrison should win the election and subsequently has to argue before SCOTUS, he has boxed himself in to not pay for the type of preparation needed by calling these types of expenditures a waste of money.

John Conaghan

The below letter was sent into the KC Star but will never be printed. This time they didn't even call to verify that I am the author. Two years ago the Star refused to print my letter rebutting false accusations against Kris Kobach, using the excuse that I was basing it on info from 2001 that could not be substantiated. I immediately sent them links to their own 2001 articles and those of the OP Sun to back up my facts. Following that they simply refused to respond. I pray that this blog allows the public to know the real Paul Morrison that I and thousands of other Johnson Countians know.

Phill Kline vs. Paul Morrison: False Bravado

You may have read about Attorney General Phill Kline's successful argument in front of the US Supreme Court. His opponent, District Attorney Paul Morrison, criticized the spending of $30,000 in preparation, saying that he would have done it at no cost. Do you remember the 2000 Bush/Gore arguments in front of the US Supreme Court? Two of the most prominent and polished litigators in this nation, US Solicitor General Ted Olson and David Boies, represented them respectively. Before either could finish their opening statements they were peppered by nine justices with a barage of questions that only people totally prepared and of strong character could withstand. It was very intimidating, indeed, and in striking contrast to presenting a case uninterrupted in the Johnson County courthouse in front of one judge, with whom you rub shoulders daily. Following Phill Klines'successful decision, this same Ted Olson praised his performance and proclaimed that less than 1% of A.G.'s get their case heard and many of those fail. But Paul Morrison would have done it at no cost. But what is the price of no cost? Perhaps embarrassment to the State of Kansas. How can I make such a statement? Let me explain. I debated Paul Morrison on 9/19/01, hosted by the KC Star and League of Women Voters, over the traumatizing abuses that were occurring at the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center ("JIAC") by his Johnson County establishment. Children's and parents' constitutional rights were being trampled on. I am no debater, have no formal training, no courtroom experience and was totally out of my comfort zone. Yet, every time Paul gave his E.F. Huttonesque one line response on juvenile and parental constitutional rights (basically, that they do not exist), I simply held up the pertinent US Supreme Court case and read the controlling language that ruled quite contrary to Paul's misconstruction. With the help of many, the wrongs at JIAC were righted, Paul lost, and the people of Johnson County won. Figuratively and literally speaking, A.G. Phill Kline possesses the character and the polish to easily fill and walk comfortably in the likes of Olson's and Boies' shoes. Paul Morrison lacks the character to polish them.

John Conaghan
John is a commercial real estate attorney, formerly was a parish administrator for the Catholic church. He and his wife live in Overland Park with and have six children.

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