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June 05, 2006



Yes, let's put this in the "weird" file. As in, how weird is it for a newspaper to electronically publish any minor factoid -- now matter how old, obscure or tangentally connected -- about a candidate for lieutenant governor?

Friday, we got a long screed about one 18-year-old legislative vote. Today, it's something even older, and its about a woman who used to be married to the guy's father.

Sour grapes conservatives are desperately digging for any kind of dirt they can throw at Mark Parkinson. And whatever thin gruel they can find, no matter how tepid, stale or immaterial, it finds its way to this site -- soon to be renamed "The Daily Parkinson," I guess.

What can we look forward to tomorrow -- the fourth grade report card of his half-stepbrother's second cousin?

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Get a life, JMart! I think it's cool that Parkinson once had a really hot stepmom!

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Paula moved to Dallas shortly after the scandal. Her parents lived there as I remember. She worked as a cook for a wealthy Dallas family until it was discovered that she was diddling the father and the son (let's leave the holy ghost alone). I was "friends" with her for over a year. She was an excellent cook known for her turket croquettes.

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