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June 24, 2006


Did Charlie Wheeler really mention "Bird-Flu" as a county priority? Who is running his campaign?

Ed Friedemann

A Bird.

Karl Wilson

In today's KC Star article about the County Exec's race, Mr. Wheeler explains his poor voting record by saying his vote was unnecessary. Is this the attitude he'll bring to the job? Every time a tough issue comes up, Mr. Wheeler ducks out the back door? The blog posts from earlier in the week indicate the senator missed over 25% of his senate votes. Before election day I surely hope he has a better explanation for why he missed so many votes.

Sorry Charlie, but his comments sound a little out of touch. I'm scratching my head on this, does anyone think he was just kidding? Surely he wasn't serious.

Robert WitbolsFeugen

If Charlie did make a comment about "bird-flu", their probably was an encrypted message in there about lame ducks, getting your ducks-in-a-row and foul mouthed turkeys like you. But then, Charlie is too smart and too nice a guy to come right out and say that kind of stuff to chickens that 'cluck' like you.
In fact, most Wheeler supporters would never bother posting anything on this blog because this creek is so far off the mainstream that comments like your's (and mine) just roll off him, like water off a duck.
I hope this post give you both something to "pond-er".


Bob, the sad thing is that although "most Wheeler supporters would never bother posting anything on this blog" Wheeler himself and those closest to him actively post. However, the most unfortunate part is that they actively post ridiculous and negative responses. You should read the other entries!


Bob, the sad thing is that although "most Wheeler supporters would never bother posting anything on this blog" Wheeler himself and those closest to him actively post. However, the most unfortunate part is that they actively post ridiculous and negative responses. You should read the other entries!


Blog #1 under "By popular demand, the fundraising letters" states Senator Wheeler missed 132 roll call votes in the Sentate - garnering him a 73.5% voting record and making his voting record the worst in the Senate. In DeAnn's article, we find out Wheeler has "the worst attendance record of area senators" and that he "missed 10 key votes in session’s last days."

Wheeler's response to all of this? He defends his poor voting record by claiming his vote was unnecessary because the Repuclicans are in control of the Senate.

Are you serious, Senator Wheeler?

I, along with other Jackson Countians, pay your salary and this is the explanation we get? As a lifelong Democratic voter, are you telling me all I should expect is partial representation? Senator Wheeler, why would I ever vote for you again? You've just admitted that as an elected official from my party you are just going pack it up and go home because the opposition is in control. What happened to standing up and fighting for your constituency?

Senator Wheeler, at what point did you decide representing Jackson Countians in the Sentate was unnecessary? Why do you feel you get to pick and choose when you are going to bother to stick around the Capital, vote, and represent your constituency? Isn't that your job? Isn't that what you are paid to do? Under Wheeler, we get taxation without representation.

Vote Sanders!

I don't want to get into a tit-for-tat with either campaign, just an honest question: Was Wheeler being serious when he said "bird flu" and "terrorism" were two of his top priorities? It just seems so "out there" that I can't tell if he was joking, or hopefully not maybe something else going on with him. Wheeler and his campaign staff regularly post on these BLOG's, so I'm asking the question.

Marvin Williams III

In 2006, Jackson Countians were the least represented constituency in the Senate as Senator Wheeler had the worst voting record (73.5%). Now, he wants to serve in the capacity of Jackson County Executive? He did a poor job of being our representative in the Senate, why on earth would we support him in this race?

Adam Stewart

To Robert WitbolsFeugen:

Let me remind you that the "foul-mouthed" and "far off the mainstream" comments posted on these blogs are coming from the Shields/Wheeeler camp. Wheeler fan's vile spewing post (containing anti-gay, Nazi, KKK, etc. rhetoric) was removed for content by the KC Star admin staff. The mud slinging is coming from YOUR camp. All anyone needs to do is spend a few minutes looking at previous blogs to find out this truth.

Wheeler Supported by the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

Senator Wheeler's bird flu and terriorism platform sounds like a page straight out of the Karl Rove/Republican/Fear political strategy playbook to me. Now we find out in DeAnn's article Wheeler has the endorsement of "many stalworths of the business community - including some heavyweight Republicans". As a Democrat, it makes me nervous to think Wheeler is supported by the Republican party!! Why would heavyweight Republicans throw their support behind a candidate from the opposing party?? The Republican party must know they have no chance of taking over the County Executive seat if Sanders wins, but they must think have a good shot at winning if Wheeler is the candidate. Why else give support to the other side during an electon cycle? What do the Republicans know about Wheeler that hasn't been exposed yet?

Adam Stewart

Which one of these two candidates sounds ready to take over the County Executive office and its 2 billion dollar budget?

"Sanders rattles off county budget numbers and is already talking about budget changes."
"Wheeler says if elected he’ll have five months to get up to speed on the county’s budget."


Despite claims on these blogs from Wheeler supporters that Jackson County Prosecutor Mike Sanders is afraid to debate Senator Wheeler, DeAnn's article gives us the truth - the Senator is "sidestepping requests for debates". Why does Mr. Wheeler refuse to debate Mr. Sanders?

Adam Stewart

"Wheeler said. 'I question how hard he (Sanders) works. I think I put in 60 hours a week easily in the past four years.'"

I either see our Jackson County Prosecutor on tv or read about him in the newspaper all of the time, and I hear him on the radio quite a bit. I don't work at the Courhouse, but it sure seems like he is a hard worker to me. Senator Wheeler, I question your work ethic. How can you expect us to believe you put in "60 hours a week easily" when you have the worst Senate voting record and misssed 132 Senate roll call votes in 2006 alone?

Karl Wilson

Just listened to Dave Helling talk about the County Exec's race on Mike Shanin's 980 radio show. Helling said Wheeler's age was the "white elephant" in the room and thought Wheeler's age would be a major factor for voters. I can't remember Helling's exact words on this next reference, but its very close - Helling told Mike Shanin he had talked with Senator Wheeler in the past several days and it seemed the senator didn't have the energy he once had. Helling closed out by saying don't be surprised if Mike Sanders wins this race.

Since Wheeler has the worst attendance record of area senators (Star on 6/24), and if Wheeler does have the worst voting record in the Missouri Senate (blog comment on 6/20), then Helling is probably correct in saying that Wheeler's age will be a factor. Questions about Wheeler's age and voting record clearly have the potential to derail his campaign.


After reading all of this I am happy that I am on the Kansas side of the state line and don't have to worry about voting for either candidate. :)

Stephen Bough

In my several trips to Jefferson City, I have personally scene Senator Wheeler asleep on the Senate Floor. Not only does he miss votes, he misses the debates, the hearings and the compromise.

The Missouri Senate is where compromise is reached, senators do reach across party lines to achieve good public policy (sometimes). Unfortunately, Charlie had gone home to go to bed In four years, he never served on any committee more exciting than the agriculture committee. When folks interested in the stadiums, downtown redevelopment or the urban core needed a Senator to talk to, they had to go to Koster (Cass County) or Shields (St. Joe). Jackson County was literally short one senator.

I think we need better leadership in Jackson County and will vote for Sanders.

Marvin Williams III

"For Sanders, the top issues are public safety and the jail, a county government that is more efficient and an overhaul of the assessment and tax collection process."

Wheeler is Shield's candidate for County Executive and he will most likely keep Shields' status quo policies/contracts in place. My guess is that those with current "sweetheart" contracts with Shields aren't in favor of Sanders' call for budget changes or more efficient government.


To Stephen Bough: I can understand why a bunch of trial lawyers would prefer Sanders to Wheeler as Jackson County Executive, and I can understand why a bunch of trial lawyers would rather deal with Chris Koster than Charlie Wheeler in the Missouri Senate, but you are obviously either politically incompetent or prevaricating when you fail to mention that a bunch of trial lawyers had Senator Bartle from Jackson County who was eager to assist you whenever he could. So Jackson County (trial lawyers) were not literally short one Senator.

Oh, and by the way, the Senators don't sleep on the Senate Floor, they use the rear chambers or their offices for naps, and Charlie Wheeler rarely spent much time on the Senate Floor, so I doubt that you have "scene" (or seen) him sleeping on the Senate Floor.

Honest question SPSLE: How do you know Wheeler "rarely spent time" on the senate floor, and if that is true, why should we vote for him for anything again? After all, that was his job.

Wheeler fan

Dr/Sen/Mayor/Icon Wheeler will not be responding to the vicious and hurtful character assassination campaign battle being engaged in by Mike Sanders minions. Their campaign in based in lies and deceit, and the voters of Jackson County know that Dr/Sen/Mayor/Icon Wheeler was, and is, the harderst working and most productive senator in the state's long history. All of the lies and untruths will not change the fact that Dr/Sen/Mayor/Icon Wheeler single-handedly shepherded much of the democratic party agenda through the last session. No other legislature can lay claim to that. The voters will reward Dr/Sen/Mayor/Icon Wheeler in August when they elect him by a landslide over his inexperienced, immature and incapable "opponent". Once again

Karl Wilson

Wheeler Fan - When someone points out that Wheeler has the worst voting record in the Missouri Senate, you say making the senator's voting record public is "vicious" and "hurtful." No doubt revealing a candidates poor record can sink a campaign. However, it is not vicious because Wheeler did it to himself. We reap what we sow. Voters will likely think twice before voting for a person who missed 132 votes in this legislative session. When asked to explain his missed votes, the Dr/Senator/Mayor/Icon tells the KC Star his vote was unnecessary. The Dr/Senator/Mayor/Icon goes on to say, "I feel that the votes I missed were not crucial votes." Senators Callahan, Wilson and Bartle obviously thought these votes were necessary, because they did their job and voted. Either the Dr/Senator/Mayor/Icon is lazy, ill or too old to hang in there and do his job. Which is it?

Adam Stewart

To Wheeler fan:
After your vile spewing blog was removed for slanderous content by the KC Star admin staff, I didn't expect to see posts from you again...

But you're back. With the same ole song & dance that Wheeler "will not be responding to the vicious and hurtful character assassination campaign battle being engaged in by Mike Sanders minions."

Well, that dog won't hunt!

1) YOU are the one writing blogs which are vicious and hurtful character assassinations. Let's see what YOU wrote: personal attacks against Mr. Sanders' wife, references to Nazis and the KKK, comments which were homophobic and anti-gay in nature, etc. We all know what YOU posted on these blogs - which were removed because they were so vile and disgusting. You cannot wallow in the mud then claim to take the high ground.

2)And again, explain to me how questioning Senator Wheeler's voting record - at 73.5% and the worst in the Senate with 132 missed votes - is a vicious character assassination? As much as you'd love to take a page out of the Karl Rove playbook and skate around his record with claims of "evil-doing", it's just not going to work.

Explain how pointing out Wheeler is a Democrat with the backing of heavyweight REPUBLICANS (fact reported in the Star) is a character assassination? Explain to me how Wheeler stating he’ll have "five months to get up to speed on the county’s budget" if elected shows a man ready to take on the responsibility of the County Executive office?

The facts are the facts. The truth is the truth. Your candidate is not what you had hoped he would be. Wheeler can't get by on his name anymore. Current job performance and recent dereliction of duty are issues, not character assassinations.


Mr./Mister/Man/Human/Homo Sapien Wheeler:

Strike One:
1) Missed 132 votes in the 2006 Senate. 73.5%. Worst record in the Senate.
Strike Two:
2) Is backed by Katheryn Shields.
3) Is backed by "heavyweight" Repugnacans (DeAnn/Star).
4) Is backed by the local insurance industry & big business.
Strike Three:
5) His top priority if elected: the sports stadium, bird flu, and terriorism.
6) He is not ready to discuss his plans for the $2 billion budget, but says he has 5 months to "get up to speed".

I'm callin' it at the plate. You're out. Game over.

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